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Mason Jar storage- thoughts

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Hey Guys, I've been doing a lot of research on storing weed long term (over 12 months). I've decided on vacuum sealed mason jars buried in the ground to keep cool. This seems like the way to go but I've read from people that don't believe they're fully airtight. So this thought crossed me, what if I vacuum sealed the jars, then vacuum sealed a bag around the jars?! This would surly make it twice as airtight hey?


Also would love to hear from anyone who's stored weed long term, would be sweet to hear some success stories!



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I wouldn't bury the jars at all.  Nature is a bitch that is out to get us so anything could happen like the jars breaking, not being sealed fully and getting flooded, etc.  You will also look suss burying jars if a neighbour sees you.  All you really need to do is keep the jars dry, out of light and cool.  This is easily done by keeping the jars in a cupboard or wardrobe which also stops the need for suspect backyard digging.  Just vacuum seal the jars for a bit of peace of mind and check on the buds every month or two so you can tell how well the bud is curing and to reseal them away.

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I was also thinking i burying the jars in my back yard for safety just in case the worst thing happened i wouldn't have a massive stash laying around. I have already 1 liter mason jars and a vacuum sealer ready to go and after i have finished the cure process i was going to bury them.


But i was going to buy a large water tight plastic drum from bummings and dig it into the ground then store my jars in it. I have owned these large plastic drums before and never had a leak so seems the best option if you want to go down that path.

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Things to worry about when storing dry foodstuffs.


1) Light. Light breaks chemical bonds and causes degradation. The best way to protect from light is to use a dark colored glass jar, or to wrap in alfoil. That is why a lot of pharmacy drugs have alfoild blister packs instead of clear plastic ones, and why beer comes in dark bottles.


2) Temperature. Anything hot breaks down. Keep it cool.


3) Water, even water in the air. Water reacts with things, and so breakdown occurs.


4) Volatility. If something smells, it means that something in it is turning into a gas and escaping. Anything left open to air spoils much faster.


If I had a herbal medicine that I really needed to last, I would buy a metal thermos that screws in tight as hell, and use that. Plus, if I had something that I didn't want to point back at me if it were ever found by accident, I would wrap it in fabric, because fabric doesn't hold fingerprints.

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I do like your metal thermos idea Mr. My only concern would be the small quantity it could hold. Unless you mull it then pack it in the thermos, but I do like the idea.
The light deterioration was a bit of a concern for me and I changed from jars to coffee tins. Also jars smash and glassy joints are NOT good. Doh!! 
As for getting visits, my 'collection' is spread around a bit not all in one cupboard. I'd be having some real bad luck for 'visitors' to locating everything. I can't even remember it all myself lol , the mrs' is often finding 'Bits' Ive put away when she's in her cleaning phase lol
I must say I don't bury it cos I like to smoke it, I love to break out something different every now and again. I love the variety. And the share joy of the find lol
And then to bury it nahhh, SMOKE "EM, SMOK"EM ALL lol lol

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Nothing beats Vacuum sealing for long term storage, you can also stop it before it compresses and its still great, but the compressed stuff seems to cure really well.

vaccuum seal bags are non porous, so eliminate smell as well as protect against oxygen.


Been using my vacuum sealer for a couple of years now, and I'd be lost without it, I also have large seal top jars , and if ai really want to keep the shape of the buds, I vaccuum seal the whole jar.


Burying is good, but every now and then you'll get a bag that later fails, maybe 1 out of 10. So I keep mine in the veggie crisper of the fridge in summer and just a cool dark place in house in winter.


Peace. Nibbler.

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