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hey guys

have my next diary ready to start

all clones

2 x black domina from sensi... 50 day flower

1 x LSD from barneys farm.. 10 week keeper

1 x LSG .... barneys farm LSD  fem x TH seeds bubblegum male


domina at the front

atm the in cups 425ml cups of 100% coco

nulife coco bloom 0.8 ec ph 5.8

next feed will be grow nutes

will use hypro hydro nutes and serve ph at 5.8

also will add some nitrozym to the feed water


atm they are under 2 x 18 w fluros in watts in the box

but they get 12 hours of 600w hps

just waiting on the domina in the tent to finish 1/2 way there yesterday

i would really like to utilise the 150 w m/h  i have

just need to make a area to suit


eventually the LSD n LSG  will be thrown under anet and scrogged

24 ltr pots of coco perlite,hand wateredbut

 i need to get them under the 150 m/h as the

lsd and lsg are phenomenal stretchers so theyll be under the netand a

s the domina dont stretch much at all i plan on keeping them on the outskirts not under the net

anyways early days yet just getting a start on it

take care


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hey guys

thanks for the encouragement

the lsd is a keeper

from barneys farm  10 weeks flower and its quality bud

very heavy smoke and has some great muscle relaxing qualitys

also is a great sleep aid i noticede

now the LSG sorry im not real familiar with

it was the same LSD mum as the clone i got

hit with a bushy bubblegum male from th seeds

from wat ive seen of it its a very stretchy plant and is a 10 weeker aswell

i will run her and assess her to wether or not shes a keeper

might do 3 runs to be fair before making the keeper desicion


heres a pic of the current black domina in flower

this pic was day 21 of flower

today is now day 29 of flower but i have no pics after day 21


take caare


black domina


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thanks for the encouragement



have overfed the clones

thought ec of 0.8 would be sweet

have since broght ec down to 0.6

and am dosing with nitrozym

ph 5.8

here they are

getting the 600w by night for 12 hours

then a 4 hour dark period

then i get em into direct sunlight

all this untill i get my 150w mh area sorted

then its constant mh for these puppys

take care



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