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Where to buy a decent glass on glass bong in Sydney?

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Hi first of all, I feel I have to say all these online sites for buying bongs look dodgey as hell( that's Com.Au) , only site I will consider is ozbongs because it has the molino mad scientist V2, it looks awesome and is affordable considering what it includes also this looks to me to be the least dodgey looking site( it still looks dodgey but I've heard good things)


I want a glass on glass and hopefully with some attachments

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Hi DeepSpaceMind.


You will be lucky to find any shop that sells decent glass on glass bongs because of the current laws so your best bet is online.


I haven't used OzBongs but have heard good reviews.


I prefer AquaLab Technologies although their products are a bit more expensive (quality is generally higher too) their shipping costs are the real killer.


Good Luck.


Naycha :peace:

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i got mine online. the sites look dodgy because they're run by stoners lol


i prefer to get hard glass bongs. they're more expensive but worth it imo. i've dropped mine a number of times and it just bounces.

another option is to get a glassblower to make one. i've never done this personally, but i met a guy at a doof once who had that done. the bong was amazing. hard glass, thick and heavy, balanced perfectly with a round bottom to that it still stood upright. and it was the smoothest bong i've ever smoked out of.

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i like the look of this one always wanted a diffusor,








all for $210 i think i just found my chrissy present for the wife lol

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Thank you everyone for your replies, I'll be buying online then I guess I was being a little paranoid, but I think it's better to be safe than sorry

Glass blowing looked hard lol tho I saw a guy on tv make a horse out of glass that was cool

It would be interesting to try

Maybe one day I'll buy overseas if I had the money but some of those bongs are pretty expensive even if they are worth it

I got a vape once as a gift but it didn't end up that effective I'm not sure what was the issue, maybe it wad the design or maybe just this particular model but maybe I'll try again some day with a different vaporizer

Thanks I wasn't sure about the law tho I did see some people say the same thing in other topics

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what kind of vape was it? i used to have one of those volcano ones. always found it really smooth. took a while to get used to, at first it didn't feel like i was getting anything cos i was used to bongs, but when i realised i was getting just as smashed i came round to it. i loved that thing! until it broke..

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