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Smoking A Cone Properly

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Hey fellow stoners....long time no post :P

Anyhow...when I pack myself a cone, I generally try to ( and usually succeed) take the whole cone in one breath. Now I do this and then hold the smoke in for a little while, and exhale. Now to me this seems the right way, you get lots of smoke, you dont waste any and the holding in of the smoke allows it to absorb into your blood. Right? Well lately, a couple of my mates laugh hysterically at me taking cones..and rather take tiny little breaths, breathe out straight away...and in the proccess let the chamber empty....

Now I may be petty, I may be dumb, hell I may even have it all wrong..but FUCK , WATCHING THEM TAKE CONES MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL. :wacko:

Now am I doing it wrong? It just looks so unprofessional to take little "mouthfuls" of smoke...Every older guy then me, who have been smoking for yearsa nd ytears longer than us take cones like me. Do you guys? I figured it was the best way, to first get the most out...plus look like you know what you are doing :D

Sorry for the rant, flame me if I am just being a pussy....




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I do that now, but when I was a newer smoker I found that quite often I couldn't finish a whole cone in one go and would have to come back for more. It just takes practice. :wacko:


But I recommend that you suggest to your friends to have two half-sized cones instead. You'll waste less pot and your friends won't cough their precious little lungs up. :D

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Guest Babybear

i been smokin for 4 yrs or so now , an i Stick cant pull a full cone , i either take to goes at it or pack cones that i can handdle , usally baby ones or half cones, thats way i dont waste , i dont try an hold TO long as gettin told by so many ppl that if you dont get a hit off it the first it inhaled into me i wont get stoned leavin longer as id prolly end up with a headack from lack of oxygen anyways i think as long as u not bum puffin or leavin weed in the cone an tryin to make out its ash there isnt really a wrong or right way

Person taste i thinks mans :wacko:

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