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eating raw bud?

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hi, I just grinded a generous joints worth of bud and mixed it with some tea and drank. 45 min later I had dinner. when will I get high/ If at all...? 


Do I need to cook the cannabis with butter or oil to extract thc ?


Edit: its been 6 hours now... what a rip-off I want my money back.

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hi tmer, have a look in cannaversity up the top of the page or google as said above. i found a yummy recipe last year to make canna toffee lollies, the only problem was you cant stop eating them :whistle: 

i will have a geez to see if i can find the recipe to put on here.

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Eating cannibas raw is probably not the best way to ingest it will definetly not give you a high and probably give you the runs, your best bet is to make the butter and put it on anything you wanna put it in from cookies to toast.


SO, next time don't waste that weed just spend the time making that butter especially with some good green and you'll see the difference with the strength and length of the high.



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Did you eat the bud in the tea or just drink the liquid?


I was under the impression the thc doesn't mix with water which is why most people make butter then use the butter for various things.


I'm not 100% but if you want to be sure its gunna work, smoke it! :D



...just saw the date on this post..

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