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Organic Hydro Nutes

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Hey guys, got some Swiss Bliss and Haze X Nebula (Paradise Seeds) going in a 45l tubber using Amsterdam Indoors grow nutes (2-part), but I want to go organic ASAP.


Bio-Mix was the recommendation, but I can't get them. Any suggestions? Anyone heard of "AB Organics"from South Australia? Made from worm castings, 100% organic, three-parts (A + B for veg, plus PK for Bloom) and no silt.


Once sexed, these little ones will be going in a remote drip system.


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Guest Wilderbud

Hey if you look in the Nutrients and Mediums [whatever] forum youll find a thread with organic nutrients in the title - I put it there not too long ago so it should be on the first or second page. Theres a bio-nutrient listed in there also but its in a post half way down the page.


Just ask your local hydro shop to get some A&B [whatever] in if you cant get mail order yourself - shops near me sell the four I listed so it is possible to order those. Organic nutrients are usually twice as expensive - keep that in mind.

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Mate, great tip. Thanks for that. Dunno how I missed it last night - must have been pretty baked :P


Yes, the A&B Organics described half-way down the thread is the one recommended to me by the local hydro shop. Unfortunately, Bio-Mix is not available here, however it's a bioponic mix, which is half (60%) organic and half (40%) inorganic. I could order through the mail, but I'll be flowering the day after tomorrow andf I don't have a credit card, which means up to a week to send the money and another week for delivery.


Looks like I'll try the A&B. It doesn't appear many here have tried organic hydro, so maybe I can report on it later...


Hey, you know what they say about "Prawn Connery" . . . he's "Licenced to Krill" and packs "007 to the pound" :D

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Good luck with the organic hydro Prawn Connery, let us know how those A+B nutes go. They also have some organic based flowering boosters available too. I think there's a soluble guano one available in WA as well, and a few others are around, it just takes a bit of investigation to find em.


You should be able to get a good range of organic soluble nutes at any hydro shop, ask around and you'll probably find a bit of difference on prices and quality of advice from place to place as well. :P


Express post a money order and ask if the hydroponics shop you want to get mail order from can express post it back. Might cost a bit more, but it'll be there quick. ;) A lot less than a couple weeks too.


Oh, and just on the half organic/half inorganic thing... this is something that orchid growers sometimes do, alternating feeding between soluble organic nutrients like nitrosol or seaweed emulsions, and inorganic ones like Aquasol or an inorganic orchid nutrient. There is something to be said for this method of feeding, as it provides both instantly available nutrients to the plants through the inorganic forms, and long term nutrients and other beneficial compounds which are only present in organically based nutrients.


You could alternate the A+B in the reserviour one week, and then next week change to a similar concentration of the Amsterdam Indoors you've got... It could just end up being more hassle than it's worth, but I'd personally be interested to see if it would have any benefits in a hydroponic system... :D


Good luck mate, we West Ozzies have to struggle sometimes with our growing, but we're a bit tougher than those pansies over east with their easily available products and oh-so-convenient acess to large ports... :) , so we just rough it. :P

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Cheers Luke and everyone else. Yeah, I've been a soil grower for a few years now and used to hang out at OG a lot, but this is actually my first hydro grow. I wanted to go organic straight away, but it was all a bit unnerving at first. Lots of varying advice here and not a lot of products I've read about on offer . . .


One of the first things I noticed is how conservative people in hydro shops are here. Friendly, but not always up-to-date. When I walked into the first hydro shop and said I wanted to go organic, the bloke just told me to kill everything in my tank with Pythoff and keep it sterile. We had a few hot days here and I was worried about pythium (high res temps etc), as I've had root rot in soil before, and it's a grower's worst nightmare. So I took his advise and dosed up on the minimum. Then I started noticing an Mg deficiency. Lucky I know what an Mg deficiency looks like and how to correct it (Cl locks up micronutrients) - but God help anyone who is growing for the first time. Stopped using that Pythoff and the plants improved overnight.


Anyway, it all got me thinking . . . Yeah, pythium is always a concern in DWC (lots of water, right?), but plants grow perfectly healthily with LOADS of bacteria in soil so long as they have adequate oxygen, nutes and the right pH - so why not hydro? Wouldn't bio be better? More natural?


People laughed at my vertical light ideas here, too. They'd never heard of free-hanging bulbs, vertical grows or 360-degree gardens. They reckon a pound of pot per Turbo Tank and 1200 watts of light is good going . . .


Man, but I think I may have found a good hydro shop now. Miles out of my way, but what can you do? The lady (yeah, a shiela - the only one who knew anything about organic hydro) was nice and friendly on the phone and seemed to know where I was coming from. I'll go and pay her a visit after Easter.


Hey, but if anyone has advice on good hydro shops, I'm all ears . . . Help a hydro shrimp out :D




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Just a little update at Day 23-25. Also happens to be Day 4 of 12/12.


Sorry Gazza, can't help you as I don't know enough about hydro nutes myself, so that's why I'm asking here.


Re the A&B it seems to be the only option for me at this stage, so that's what it'll be I guess. Easter fucked my schedule for sending away for the Bio-Mix, so maybe next grow when I'm more organised.


Anyone here use Budlink or know anything about it? I'll do a little search in the mean time . . .


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