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THC and other cannabinoids testing kit - Cannalytics.

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Heya all i posted a link in chat a while back but didn't think many people saw it.


It is about this testing kit, it says something about TLC (Thin layer chromatography)


I have no idea about all that scientific stuff, but is this legit?


by the looks of it you can get a visual indication of what your smoke is made up of.



it's a bit pricey but if you really want to know and it works it could be worth it.


From the website.


Product Description

The Cannalytics - Cannabis Fingerprint kit (previously called Cannalyse) is a unique mini-laboratory for home use. The fingerprint kit also contains a unique standardized & high performance developing protocol for thin layer chromatography, specific for cannabinoids and a total-extraction specific for Cannabis.

The cannabinoids will be separated and identified on special impregnated TLC-plates.

Only a minimal amount of sample (100 mg) is needed for total cannabinoid extraction.

Unlike most people think, the effects of cannabis products are not only caused by THC. The specific characteristics and effect of a certain kind of cannabis is caused by the combination of several cannabinoids

The Cannalytics Kit is a cannabinoid detection (phytochemistry) mini-laboratory. Its easy to use and no scientific background is required for proper analysis. Cannalytics brings you into a new knowledge of the connection between the cannabinoid composition of the pharmaceutical strain and the overall effect of any type of cannabis sample. The kit is based on Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) technique.

This technique selectively isolates and visualizes only the cannabinoids out of hundreds of other compounds.  The Cannalytics test kit is already validated at the University of Leiden (department of pharmacognosie).  Research is still going on with focus on speed and the safety aspects.

The kit enables the user for the first time in history to do his own research on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of cannabis. The Cannalytics kit determines the cannabis chemo-fingerprint and the amount of the main (neuro-) pharmacologic & psychoactive principles. Find the different cannabinoids THC, THCV and CBN (%-age THC) in your sample, routinely, fast and in full color! 

The kit enables the user for the first time in history to do his own research on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of cannabis.

Thin layer chromato-graphy (TLC) is a chromatographic technique that is used in many (phyto) pharmaceutical and analytical research laboratories, for the separation and identification by colouring (chroma =Greek for color) of organic compounds in a mixture of hundreds of compounds.

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yeah lol the suck it and see is about as scientific as it's gonna get for me, but although it might be of interest to some of the more professional growers - just like calculating lumen's per square inch of space and all that, not really needed for your average joe blow home grower :P


but all the same it works out to be about $12(usd) a test which could prove useful if you are trying to breed certain strains to get the content right. - or lol if your that fussy carry one on you so don't get ripped off with shit weed if your buying a few O's :P

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