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The Pax by Ploom - best vape ever?


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Hi Guys


So I'm ready to enter the wonderful world of vapes :)


I do most of my toking in the car and on the go so throwing away the bong and getting a proper vaporizer will be so much easier to use and much stealthier.


After reading and listening to reviews and researching I decided that I want the Pax by Ploom. Problem is , no one delivers to Australia.... :(


I have a few questions regarding the Pax 


- Are different voltages used? If I am able to get one, will I be able to simply use an Australian adapter.


- Anyone know of anywhere I can purchase one (found some on eBay but none that are reputable sellers and ship internationally)


- Reviews, experices ? How good is the Pax? Much better then Magic Flight Box , Iolite etc...?


Thanks in advance

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I never heard of them,I will hafta check them out.


I have the MFLB and Arizer Extreme Q and love them. Extreme Q is on 16hrs a day most days and atleast get used everyday for last 2 years and it works like the day I bought it, so it definently not cheap shit that falls apart after a month.

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Hey Guys


So after some research(well a lot of research actually)Ive found that they usually agree on the following




- Best quality vapor for a portable-comparable only to the davinci


- Most stealthy- looks like an everyday electronic device


- No hissing sound from butane , no batteries to cary around


- Charging through included dock


- Vaping seems to be constant through the entire mix , all the mix ends up a nice brown colour


- 3 temp settings , fastest to reach desired temp


- Looks f*cking awesome


- Extremely popular has been tried and tested hundreds of times over hundreds of scenarios. Known to be among the best if not the best portable vape




- Expensive , most expensive on the market


- Australian users need to buy a step down transformer as the Pax uses 110v

- Bit more difficult to clean then some , also if it gets to dirty the mouth piece will not pop up until properly cleaned


- Dont know if 10 year warranty will apply as this technically is not sold outside US & Canada(but there are plans to maybe bring it to Australia in August.....)




There are alot of reviews on youtube ,


Ive found this one to be the most concise , shows how thick the vapor smoke is on separate settings etc...




This is the adapter you need to buy to use outside US and CANADA




All up you will spend $250 on the Pax including shipping and $50 on the adapter including shipping so $300 all up.



Can't wait to get my hands on this , just the fact that I have to carry a transformer around if I want to charge is putting me off...but most of my charging should be done at home anyway.

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First post here but just wrote to say how much i love my pax. I bought my pax from vapeworld and had it forwarded to Perth via shipito for anyone interested. The charger is dual voltage so you just need a plug converter.

Previous vape was an iolite which lasted 2 years until it finally died. Now that I got the pax, it only now occurs to me how bad the iolite was. Much bigger clouds and I get way more high with the same dosages.

I can literally take this thing anywhere which is why I prefer portables. I even got a car charger adapter of eBay for those long road trips.

The only downside is the amount of cleaning that is required. I baby mine so I don't mind cleaning it after every bowl and for the 2 weeks I've had, it's been working flawless.

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