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What Is The OPTIMUM Number Of Heads (Harvest/Yield) On A Plant In An I


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I'm just finishing my first grow/harvest of 4 plants. For regular watchers to my space, my drying dilemma would be described best as 'ordinary'. And to top that off, the jars I bought from Crazy's aren't even airtight! I found this out when I rinsed them out, filled with water, activated the seal, turned upside down, and watched the water trickle from my wrist, down my arm...!! Where is the honor in Cheap Retailers these days...?!


Anyway, my reason for taking up this space is, as stated previously, I'm just finishing my first grow/harvest of 4 plants. My concern is that there were so many branches/arms of the plants that didn't reach full potential in my 1m x 1m Grow Tent. Light being cut-off by the taller branches, some not reaching maturity, white stigmas/juvenile plants at harvest time, etc, etc. And I was wondering, what is the best result (ie. number of full heads) that someone could hope for, growing a plant in the following hypothetical situation: You can choose your own environment. ie. L.A.W.N.A. - Lighting~Air~Watering~Nutrients~Anything I Haven't Covered. The only restriction you have is

  • 250 mm2 (square) of growing space and light.ie. 1m x 1m floorspace, divided by 4 plants = 0.25m2 OR 1000mm x 1000mm divided by 4 = 250mm2

What is OPTIMUM result? How many FULL heads in the QUICKEST time? What is the best expected yield in 250 mm2...?

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Time is pretty much set by genetics. The best minimum for veg is 4 weeks, plant  maturity.

Then the flower will be set be genetics, yeild will be effected by restrictions in

1. the environment, every plant has a preffered Temperature and Humidity

2. Nutrient concentration. If there isnt enough food and water then she will be thinner, if there is too much food and water she will curl up and die.

3. Root mass. If you get all this right then decide to put it into a 1L pot then the roots will only be able to fill that area and produce a plant of according size. If you max out the portunity for the root mass. give it as much room as you could afford, then the plant will get as big as it can, 60L would be too much for a small cupboard. I think 12L for a cupboard size area. One 60L tub in a 1.2x1.2 area would do. Be better to push that to 1.4x1.4 and stick two 60L tubs in there.

4. Light source, quality matters; LEDs dont produce the best flowers. Many turpins get left off because the band of light is two narrow on LED's. Plasma is the ultimate, HPS is prolly the wises choice. MH are great if you can afford them. After quality the next most impotant factor is the POWER. POWER= fruit.


I read somewhere that if everything is right then you can aim to get a gram per watt

400W=400g (aprox 1Lb) Im not sure if anyone really can pull a pound off a 400Wer

600W=600g (just over a Lb)

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Keep an eye on plant height during veg, bearing in mind that during the flowering period, she will triple, or even quadruple in size by the end of harvest. If you want big buds, use a 50ltr tub, grow one plant and tie all the stems down to the frame on the floor of the tent. Bend them over gradually during the veg period and into the first week of flower, covering as much area as possible inside the tent. This method reduces cramping the plants, lets light hit every leaf on the plant and allows you to grow her to her fullest potential:-)
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I may be unexperienced but i believe a gram per watt is an experts yeild. as a new indoor grower im expecting 0.25 grams per watt on a more unexperienced level of horticulture and hydroponic knowledge... Hopeing for at least 100 grams from my 400 watter this is not having my head in the clouds but i may not get even this small amount my room is also 1mx1m good size to learn in ..i think anyways... But what i think dont mean shit...


Good luck with ur next grow hope you can get the magical gram per watt..


Ima gardner

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Def strain and enviroment dependant but having a healthy well fed plant at switch to flower and th.ru first 4/5 weeks flo can bring mass yield upwards of 700g per m2 *600wt. Getting 90pc of the plant/s under direct light through trimming lower and or both scrog lst basically a tip and train from centre to outer reaches of the room/s is the perfect recipe for a full m2 of all head bud. Does take a few grows to be able to judge ur strains stretch, to much stretch and canopy can get out of control not enough stretch to fill the room yields can be down on what can be expected.

So many ways to archive the same full room atm I'm liking 4 12.lt pots per light still scrogging along suits me with my .bb cuts


Look into lollipoping a mild form of which I'm speaking of above lower trimming or below canopy .roughly two weeks into flower.

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Got a reasonable formula from a friend who runs a shop, under hps lighting, half a gram, per watt of light, every 30 days. If your getting this kind of yeild for your efforts, your doing o.k. However, strains also play a factor, some strains are simply big producers, while others can be a bitch to get bulky, Haze for example.
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 G`day runlikehell 


  If you top your seedlings twice over the course of a 6 week veg you should be able to produce 6-8 tops . Don`t be afraid to trim the plants to suit your space . 

 Trimming off the low branches and taking out small inner branches makes a big difference to the yield of the tops. As energy is not diverted to shaded , pop corn buds.

  Super cropping is a great way to increase yields but takes a little practice to perfect . Use the term super cropping in you tube and you`ll find plenty of tutorials . 

 Topping , training , trimming all can add up to better yields .


   EB .  

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