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Intake filter?


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I'm looking for some advice on throwing a filter on the intake to prevent sucking pests into the grow tent from outside (pulling in from outside as it will be cooler).


So far I've read about furnace filters, panty hose, speaker covering material.....


But thought is ask the community I'm a member of....for any solutions consisting of products we can source locally.



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Thanks yNg, have you done this before?


Hey ferret.

Not here in oz (just getting my first going) but grew a few in the UK. Panty hose material is great, cheap and available. Speaker material or similar also works well. Just nothing too restrictive.

The bug nets that slipper mentioned are a great and easy way to go! I am a DIY fan and like to save my cash on thing I can make.





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I ended up getting some rectangular plastic vent grilles from the hardware store. They have a nice 6 inch circular attachment on the inside to connect my ducting to.


The grille has a removable front face and had some fairly coarse screen in there. So I placed some stocking in there as well and installed on the side of the shed. I've got 4 of these vents working a treat now (2x exhaust, 2x inlet). Just sitting back and watching my temps for a few days before throwing something in there.



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