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Just made a 30$ 'macgyver' carbon filter - THAT WORKS&#33

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heya all thought i just share with you my Macgyver style carbon air filter for a SMALL cupboard.


went to bunnings for a few pvc connector pipes and duct tape, already had the silver air tube and pringles container from b4 .. yes you read right a Pringles container! :D lol


post-40304-0-89362000-1397205595_thumb.jpg post-40304-0-51696900-1397205636_thumb.jpg post-40304-0-23577900-1397205649_thumb.jpg post-40304-0-24080400-1397205662_thumb.jpg


chopped it down to size, put a 'few' holes for ventilation and lightly covered the bottom with activated carbon bits from the pet store (used in aquarium filters)


i can easily remove the end to change the carbon when it's not working anymore.


and voila a working air filter :D


AND it's running only though a 120mm 240v computer style fan

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Nice one.


Can I ask what grade carbon you used? Is that aquarium stuff? I'm trying to find a cheap source of pellets suitable for a phat filter, want to DIY replace mine before next grow.


I have like 25kg of water grade stuff which is sharp granules but that's not suitable for use in a proper air filter I read as it compacts down too much  :(


It would very likely work for you, I could bring ya a kilo or 2 to MG if you can make use of it

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heya convex, yeah just the aquarium stuff 'snail bait' size small pellets, small jar cost me about $12 - because you only need a small layer i could get many uses outta it, probably need to replace the carbon every 6-8 weeks.


i got the idea from another weed site other people have made up little ones like this too.


also thanks for the offer, but im flying in from outta state ... i think carrying back 25kg of black crystal stuff might be a bit sus lol

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not in flower yet, but it has definitely removed that green house 'plant' smell - and because it's such a small cupboard not much air has to be moved I've also got another comp fan blowing in from the bottom

No worries, thought it wasnt flowering from your threads .. Will be good to see how it performs when the stink kicks in :)

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Nice one Vape. :good:

That's kinda like the Nappy Bucket Filter I had on my drobe. Back when I was trying to Macgyver a grow together because the ex wouldn't let me spend any money on it.


It worked well. I don't know if the bucket is still around these days.

I'd drilled as many holes as i could get away with in the bottom of the bucket. Laid in some filter fluff to stop the carbon pellets from just falling thru, and added about 20mm depth of carbon pellets. I'd managed to scrimp together enough money for a large container of the stuff from my local petstop at the time.

As I said, It worked well, and it only had a bathroom exhaust fan sucking the air thru. :)

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