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What Strain are you growing ?

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G'day everyone ;)


Just thought it might be interesting to start a thread to see what strain everybody is growing. I thought it would be cool to be able to see what sort of variety there is here in the Ozstoner community :)


I never get anything meaningful out of seedbank descriptions of strains - they all sound the same after a while. A bit like the spiel on wine labels. Also, not all Ozstoner members have the opportunity to discuss growing or MJ strains with other growers face to face, and therefore don't have access to first hand grower feedback on certain strains. This is mainly borne out of the fact that we like to keep our cultivation stealthy - loose lips sink ships eh.


This site is a perfect vessel for storing members' experiences growing specific strains. I believe it would, in time, become an invaluable tool for all members seeking strain specific info.


But for now, What y'all growing?


Me, I'm growing Very Berry from SPC. It's a bushy strain to be sure. Sickly sweet fruity smell, as the name would suggest. I haven't harvested yet so I don't know how she'll yield but it looks pretty decent for a grower of no previous indoor experience. I will be backing up this grow with VB again and hope to yield more next time based on what I've learnt about her so far. I will give a detailed report when she's finished.


What are you growing?


lol Tugboat :)

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Guest BudWaver

What ever the flavour of the day is....which today is...


GWS...very pretty to look at..thick stems..loads of resin...good sized buds but not much smell late in flowering...but sticky sticky sticky....6-10 weeks depending on nutes given...they seem to like plenty of nutes


Some HDF...two different phenotypes...one 50/50 indica/sat influenced..the other an ideal sog/scrog candidate...very picky on the nutes and needs a well balanced nutrient mix...and plenty of care...doesnt seem to like the outdoors too much...good internodal length and very fat stems...currently in flowering

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currently.... and havent smoked em yet.


Skunk x C99 - small plants, slow veg, nice strong pineapple smell, pretty quick, nice size buds.


Hindu Kush x Bronze - larger plants, small yield, nice resin content, nice soft hashy citrus smell, pretty quick, low yield, pretty avg. strain.


Blueskunk - Too bushy, leafy buds, too long in flowering, not enough smell, not enough resin, seeds we're pisspoor with heaps of variation and hermies. decent sized buds on pheno I kept, but not wortth my time.


none have been kept, and no regrets about that.

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I have a BlueWidow indica pheno mum, currently revegging to be cloned out for the next gen, as well as 2 seedlings of Dutch Passion Purple skunk, which I've been told has tendencies to hermie, so I'll be keeping a close eye on those two... I also have a couple seedlings of the same Blue Widow, hopeing to get back out the sativa pheno and a male, but we'll just have to see, and two skunk x white widow seedlings, one of which is a three leaf per node seedling.


The Blue Widow is lovely, sweet early, and fruity late, with a lovely flavour but slight harshness to temper that. Very easy to smoke, and a lovely upper high.


The DPPS and SKxWW, I have no idea, just have to find out. :)


I'm also getting some Serious Seeds Bubblegum soon, not sure if I'll plant them out immediately, it's a crowded house already, but I'm sure it'll become a stable plant when I do. lol

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euro bud from global , short stocky plant , sweet taste - thick colas , big yield , nice hi . :) 3 wks to harvest . in the other room 3 euro bud clones , arms all bent and tied down ready to go in to flower . 1 eurobud mum . just soaking some tashenk seeds from mjoz , my last 3 , can't wait to grow some of that afgan shit .
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