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good movies to watch when stoned


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The extended versions of the Lord of the Rings movies, of course. I hated seeing them at the movies because I want to keep smoking all the way through it.


Other favourites would be the Monty Python films, O Brother Where Art Thou?, the Big Lebowski and any manga films.


Another worthwhile thing to do if you've got a group over to watch a flick is to put on a really bad film and take the piss out of it the whole time. Even a good film can be good for this - we recently did it with Starship Troopers and I don't know if I've ever laughed so much while watching a film.

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Guest weepurple

Nice one with fear and loathing,


The best laugh i had was watching kill Bill.

Went to the pictures after some purple passion laughed my ass off.

Uma MMMMMMMMMMMnnnnnnnnnnnn,

The natchos helped alot as well.


Weepurple :)

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