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Cutting down the green taste

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Chlorophyll in pant matter is what gives MJ food its "green" taste. It helps plants grow good but most of us don't like to taste it. Here are some tips to reduce the "green" taste in your canna foods:


1. Chlorophyll is water soluble while THC isn't. Soaking plant material in water for a period of time before using helps get rid of some of it. When I make canna butter I usually simmer my plant material in water for 10 minutes and pour off 2-3 times before adding butter and water for final time to cook. Try not to disturb material too much or use cold water, as you may be knocking off trichomes and rinsing them away. Also, if you already made some butter that is a bit too green for you liking, you can melt it in water and simmer for a while, then fridge and separate again and the water should have dissolved a bit more green out of the butter.


2. Use less fan leaf in your cooking and more trim and/or bud. The more potent your material the less of it you will need and therefore the less green taste you will have in your finished product. However, if the right methods are used, you can still get great tasting canna foods with just fan leaf.


3. Make more potent butter so you need less of it. If you are baking cookies, obviously if you use half super potent canna butter and half normal butter, they will taste less green than cookies made with all average strength canna butter. You can increase potency by using better quality material (bud instead of leaf) or simply by reducing the amount of butter you use with a given amount of plant material. With the average batch of canna butter where you use a shopping bag of leaf, you could use 1000g of butter or 500g lets say. As long as its cooked for a long time, the 500g will absorb just as much THC as the 1000g, only in less butter, so its much more potent.


4. Use extracts such as hash or honey oil in your food rather than plant material. Extracts have little or no plant matter, and therefore shouldn't give you any green taste. They are also much easier when adding direct to your food rather than making canna butter first. I like to heat a bit of hash in a teaspoon until it starts to smoke then add to milkshake :D


5. Use fully dried plant material rather than fresh or wet material. The drier your gear is the more the chlorofyll has been broken down.


any other things anyone can think of to reduce the green taste?

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Thanks for those other tips pipeman


pilk....I have only ever used leaf before and didn't get too much of a green taste as I followed most of the advice that pipeman has offered above. However I often add a couple of nice buds in just to give it a bit more of a kick.


But on their own, the butter I made from just the leaves was quite potent and strong anyway!

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I think you may have missed just one there pipe. :D


Long cooking for the butter to enhance it's strength. The longer and slower you cook the water/butter and mj together the better the resulting butter will be. To the point of some people I've heard doing it for 24 hrs.... (That's an exceptional instance,). Try a minimum of a couple of hours, but the longer you keep the mixture just below boiling point together the better and more potent the butter will be. ;)


Not exactly a method for reducing the green taste, but the more potent the butter is, as you said, the less you have to use in whatever cooking you do. ;)

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Crock pot? What's a crock pot?:D Any enameled steel or stainless steel pot will do, I've been told not to use copper but I'm not sure if that would be necessarily a problem.


The temps aren't very high, the reason being that water will never go over 100 degrees c, (except in some exceptional circumstances), which is below the damage level for the thc molecules. Still, the pot is put on a low boil so it's a little below actual 100. ;) Some people make it without water, but it tends to heat to fast and cook all the thc out of it, or at least severely degrading it, unless it's done very carefully....


But yeah, what's a crock pot? ;) Like fired clay? ;)

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Guest weekprik

sorry probably Kiwi slang,


Its a slow cooker and this is the one I have at home,

If you havent tried meat or stew cooked in one of these your missing out.




This is an electrical appliance and is designed for very slow cooking of food, when used for cooking you have to let it cook all day or overnight as its very gentle.



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