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damn possums!

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i put a some of my seedlings outside coz we're having a nice stretch of weather down here in melbourne. i checked on them the other day and there was one less and a chewed up bit of a leaf that looked strangly familiar. i'm not keen on the idea of chicken wire. i've been spraying deoderant arround there to give it a 'human' smell maybe dettering some of the wildlife. but i was looking for a spray, powder or something that'll actually do the job without hurting the plants. Anyone know a good one??


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Try putting a few old apples and other bits of fruit over the other end of the garden and train the possums to go other there to look for food, if you have a neighbour’s tree hanging other your fence then put them in that so that they go looking for food in the yard next door after that. Out bush human urine is effective, don't know about the suburbs though, you could always check a nursery for possum repellents.



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Guest Urbanhog

(slaps head) I should have known about the shotgun's pellets :P


Also, speaking of guns, in USA, if you get busted with drugs and you have a gun with you in your house, car or whatever, you will get into more deeper shit, even you were licenced gun owner.... I read somewhere about some USA states where "criminals" loses their houses just because they had few ounces, plants, etc along with their firearm collection.... But hey, thats USA, I personally have strong anti-yankie views, but I don't go further.... lol



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Guest billy bonger
There's this stuff on the market called pisorf. It's supposed to keep dogs and cats out of ya garden.i think you can get it from hardware stores.i've never used it myself so don't know if it works on possums. cheeper than a shotie any way
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