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Chronic : Need for Weed (Australian Documentary)

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I have just discovered some fantastic News of a documentary that was created in Oz 2011.

It is about a man that supplies medical tincture oil in Nimbin, even though it is illegal.

How fucking awesome is that? Some old Bearded guy in a van, handing out

vials of tincture for people to drink.....Fuck Yeah. I like that shit.

I'm going to tell him I have chronic fishermans pain....

It requires a litre a day..... lol


I have tried to find somewhere to buy or download this movie/documentary.

But I can't find the full copy of the documentary anywhere.

The closest thing that I have come to is on youtube.com & it has ben deleted.

I really want to watch it....Does anyone know, where or how I can find a copy???

(for all of us I mean...we all want the doco...)

I would appreciate it.





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It hasn't been released yet.


Your best bet for updates is to leave your email on their website to receive updates about the release.


If you are one of them facebookin' people then try their page or wall or whatever it's called now :)


I did like this video even though I hate the show:



That should do ya Fishman, if you find anything out, come back and update us all :D



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similar thing happened to me when I joined Google+, some stoner dude called Fresh McFresh added me and I assumed he must've been related to this place or GC so I accepted it, didn't like his posts so I went to remove him but found out he was also "friends" with other real life non-smoking friends which made me think he just spams everyone. I think he does. (Same with this G+ programmer Craig someone)


Wouldn't've expected that to be done by this local fella, what sort of link would you have to something like this? How would they know you otherwise?

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Wow I keep coming across ozstoner threads today coz I'm trying to track down footage to license for the film. Google loves this site.


@weedfisherman thanks heaps for you interest. Filming for the doco started last March, aiming to have it all done this year. The bearded tincture man is Tony Bower/Mullaways but the doco is about all things Australian and cannabis so he's just one part of it.


About the facebook thing, basically I started a profile (as well as the page) and I get heaps of cannabis activists and probably spam bots adding me. Facebook suggests endless amounts of weed folk for me to befriend, so I've added some people too - obviously you're one! The idea is to promote the film on social media and to release bits of it online and do some crowd funding etc. Audience building if u will. As lou lou says, distribution is difficult so I'm hoping to get this broadcast on ABC/SBS and failing that I can def get it on AuroraTV as they've shown my stuff in the past. Of course online distribution will also happen to.


Will post an update about the film in a new thread. Cheers everyone

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