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Need help, please ...

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Soon Im going to Australia, Melbourne as a tourist, i guess, i'll smoke some weed in there, could you tell me please how is it with law, if i got cought ?

Is law strict ?

Should I be afraid (can I be returned to my country ?)

What kind of punishment should I expect ? (i guess i wont posses more than 10 gram)


Ps. Sorry for my bad english ...

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I wouldn't advise carrying any dope from whereever you're from over here.



I have to agree with 99waystofuckyou, do not bring any pot into australia from another country. I have done a bit of international travelling and I have to say that Australian Customs are the most efficient and ruthless customs service that i have come across. Do not risk it. They are good! :angry:


99waystofuckyou has pinned a post on state laws for you.


We have drug user groups in every state and territory. They are represented nationally by AIVL, the Australian Intravenous and Illicit Drug Users League. If you go to their site you will see links to the member organisations in each state or territory. They would be able to answer specific questions you have, and let you know where to access harm reduction equipment if needed.


I am based in the Northern Territory where we have two drug user groups:


Territory Users' Forum


Network Against Prohibition


and if you gonna be in australia in May, the mardi grass is on

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Guest BudWaver

small amount of personal youll be just fine...just dont go carrying an elbow around the country with you!!!!!


Yeh dont bring in any either...we got better strains here than some of those european countries....:D


small amounts = confiscation or 150$ expiation fee...no record...no deportation....unless your being a complete asshole to the police.... :rolleyes:

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I strongly suggest not bringing any kinda DRUGs into Australia. Maybe before setemper 11th it would have been okat but now there checking for terrorist soo if u wanna SMOKE just contact some people in melbourne on this site & maybe you will get lucky.


BUT ... dont bring any DRUGs with you.


~ peace out

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We smoke heaps of dope in australia, theres no real problem with pigs, esp if your just a smoker, you'll be fine.

Its a very safe country to come to to have a smoke in my opinion and I'm sure you'll find some nice weed and wont get harrassed smoking it. Just dont cause any fire alarms to go off or other stupid attention causing shit, and respect others, don't walk down the street smoking a joint etc....


Where you from by the way??? and your english is pretty good mate.

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