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The hops will be hops. Nothing else.





If you graft a lemon onto an orange, you get lemons.


If you graft a nectarine onto an apricot, you get nectarines.


If you graft an eggplant onto a solanum capsicoides, you get eggplant.


If you graft a human heart onto you're own lungs, you get someone else's heart.

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The only way this could be advantageous, is if you found a hops plant with an insanely vigorous root system. Then, if you could be fucked, graft your favourite cannabis strain on top of it.



Personally, I couldn't be fucked, because my favourite strains all seem to have quite adequate root systems as they are.


It'd be something left to 'grafting enthusiasts', for a laugh.

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The only way this could be advantageous, is if you found a hops plant with an insanely vigorous root system. Then, if you could be fucked, graft your favourite cannabis strain on top of it.


It could be advantageous to stick hops on cannabis roots to brew more beer per plant though, probably fairly time consuming, but if you had a bunch of oompaloompa's and one of them nice grafting tools it could be alright.


did you know in england someone has patented the idea of feeding cows pot silage because the milk contains THC??? they we're feeding the cows 2 oz of bud and 500g of leaf and stem a day and found THC in the milk :D now they have patented it for use in the field of medical marijuana substitute, for some reason I don't think the idea of feeding cows tons of pot to get 1% thc milk is profitable.


and yes I understand how much that has nothing to do with grafting cannabis.


Hops is a fucking ugly horrible stinking plant, it really intrigues me how on earth someone originally came up with the idea of "hey lets rot this shit until it turns to liquid and drink it"

but i guess its no more stupider than "hey lets cut the flowers off this plant, roll them up light them on fire and breathe the fire into our lungs"

people must have been crazy cunts in those days, I bet people we're running around shoving cacti up there arse in a vain attempt to get high.

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The rootstock doesn't alter the structure of the scion, (the part your grafting to the rootstock) it merely supplies nutrients and provides the base to grow. The scion may grow better because it's in a better position to draw nutrients from the environment, (otherwise you wouldn't be bothering to graft, there's not much point unless the rootstock is more vigorous than the scions.


Course, there are exceptions to the rule, some citrus rootstock can be used to dwarf the scions grafted to it, so as they stay short and compact. I'm not too sure whether this is merely a nutrient bottleneck limiting vertical growth, or some other reason like hormones etc, but I suppose with enough research into the subject you could find a similar stock for weed. One which would dwarf or increase end size of the scion.


I think it would be interesting to graft a sativa low thc rootstock which is extremely vigorous, which could then enhance indica drug type varieties. You'd have a very fast growing and vigorous plant, with all the lovely resin of an indica... :D


Ever heard of a fruit salad tree? That's potentially possible too... grafting multiple scions to the one rootstock to get different strains growing off the one tree... It's more difficult than a straight graft, but still has possibilities... imagine harvesting the one plant over months instead of weeks, as each branch of a different strain, (some quick maturing and some slow) matures and senesces. ;)


Just some thoughts there, hope that helps ya wade.. Check out the gardening section at your local library for more specifics on grafting... although I'm not aware of anything but the most rudimentary grafting being done with weed, I think it's got potential as a technique for certain needs. :)

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