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any wannabe breeders?

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yeah uhmm, this is an idea I had.


Basically all the Oz-stoners with an interest in breeding form a club to work together to make nice crosses. swapping pollen and clones of select parents between each other, making a ton of different seeds to give away to test growers, then test growers give feedback on which crosses where best, then we all make a ton of seed of the best crosses for free or cheap med seed.

But makes the idea of breeding kind of practical because you could just work with one strain each and not have a million stock plants. If 5 people where interested and each used one strain thats a total of 25 potential diff crosses, surely one of them would be better than anything you could work on yourself.

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Guest BudWaver

Yeh Id be interested in breeding some of my current strains...as crosses


Would love to get my hands on some pollen to make some seeds...

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Guest Wilderbud

Sounds like a plan WC!


Id love to get some pollen from excellent male sativas [sativa seed bank has a good range to choose from] but I havent got a place to grow big plants. I think a sativa+indica hybrid should be the target plant every time but I could be wrong as Ive only read about breeding.


I want to cross a Mango with a Skunk because they are the two strains Ive smoked the most and theyre both excellent albeit not very potent. Mango has the same problem as the sativas though - its fucking huge when fully erect. I love the smooth Mango and the spicy Skunk.


It would be hard to judge the smoke unless we had regular smokeups - this would be the hard part of it all but if we really want to get the best potency then we could appoint a master from each state who would grow some clones as a sample for a few people he/she trusts and rate it out of 10 so that theres less discrepancy between effects [different strokes...].


We would have to define a trust system to make it an ongoing plan... theres an example of a trust matrix at www.advogato.org which is for computer developers so we can look at that and try to implement it in the breeders club. Mmm, "distributed breeding" - funky idea [im a geek if you dont know already so Id like to see a cluster of breeders *no pun on your nickname intended*]. :D

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Hey guys... WC, bloody great idea mate, I think it's got a heck of a lot of potential.


However... I think we should be very careful about the beginnings of anything like this, it wouldn't do to get the site into something Oz doesn't want for it... Plus the basic security issues.


Don't get me wrong man, if there's a go ahead from more senior mods and Oz gives his blessing, I think it would be a fantastic resource, but for the moment, can we make this a "hypothetical" clone/pollen swap idea?


I don't like being the devils advocate, but as a mod I kinda have to. Hope this doesn't dissuade you from trying to get it up tho, I think it's a pearler of a plan man. Just has to be okayed... until then, I think we should be very careful about offering people to swap such and such clones or pollen to such and such member, or if you want to contact me about this strain contact me via such and such email... I know that you guys haven't done that yet, but just letting you all know. :D

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Guest Wilderbud

There has to be a plan first of course...


When I say 'trust matrix' I just mean a system which is less likely to fail - not trust as in who we trust with names and addresses although thatd play a role.


We could have a seed and clone bank, some expert growers and then normal people like me who would grow the seeds or clones to test them out and rate them. This way the seed and clone bank would only have to receive from the expert growers, the average grower would only receive from the seed and clone bank and the master growers would just get results back online through a vote - Im not sure how the good phenos will be selected but for judging a strain this would work.


Im a medicinal user and prefer to grow organically so I can give advice about these two areas as well as how nice it tastes etc [we can have a census]. We all grow differently so I think itd be best to just breed a small number at a time depending on a vote.


I cant wait to try some original breeds.


When theres a lot of info here Ill write up an RFC [request for comment] to encapsulate the plan - heh [such a geek].

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great idea wc,but it comes down to having exellent strains to work with.so it's upto the rest of you guys for now ,funny thou this is somthing i am workin on setting up again trying to breed somthing again if not just making seed with a hopefull out come.i have tryed with unknows and what was given to me before but using qulity strains would be cool.lady
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However... I think we should be very careful about the beginnings of anything like this, it wouldn't do to get the site into something Oz doesn't want for it... Plus the basic security issues.


yeah I know the drill mate, and agree, but was hard to get across the idea without the replies coming back as "I got this girl I wanna pollinate with such and such."

Anyway must suck to have to be a party pooper all the time mate :D


This is totally hypothetical anyway luke, of course no pollen or clones would be sent through the mail, the whole idea of that is just wacko.

It probably came across the wrong way in the first post, I just meant a club of guys talking about how good it would be to breed cannabis. Hope that cleared things up.


We will wait for the day cannabis is legal before considering doing this kind of thing, but is good to pre-plan.


Anyway Wilderbud, my thoughts were that if people ever did this kind of thing that all test crosses would be grown by med growers for free. whos to know if all these seeds are shit if they are untested? they sell untested seeds on Cbay but i think its wrong. Untested seed should be free. While all proven kickarse strains can be mass produced and sold to the general public. and parental stock spread amongst people to be grown.


Anyway I just realised I'm way too stoned too still be awake, sat blank for like an hour staring at the screen so I'm off to bed.

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