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Homemade vapes

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I did a search on google and came up with these 2:


How to Build Carp's Vapouriser


Has step by step instructions how to build a vapouriser with a soldering iron


Lycaeum's Guide to DIY vape


Similar to above but with ascii diagramme


It says in those 2 pages to use a plastic bottle, try to find a glass one as plastic loses molecules as it heats up and that can't be good for you. Try a science lab or supplier or ebay.


I made one years ago out of a light bulb, dimmer switch, metal ring, and sawn off coke bottle and a piece of aquarium pipe (and plenty of blu tack heh heh)


Firstly I bored a hole in the coke lid and put the piece of aquarium pipe through it to use as a mouthpiece. I had a hole ear the end of the pipe as a shotty.


I attached the light bulb to the dimmer switch and put the whole shebang on a board. it was a 100W light bulb. The dimmer switch was to control the heat of the light globe.


I put the ring on the light, covered it with a thin layer of dope then put the coke bottle with mouthpiece on the lightglobe, and sealed it up with blu tack. Then I switched the light on, cranked it until the pot vapourised and inhaled. I reckon it tasted like pine o cleen but I really liked it until the coke bottle got too hot and shrank, so I'm going to save myself for a proper vape with glassware.


The vapour is nothing like smoke, just a thin wisp which you can taste and feel but there's no black tarry shit in it which I think is a lot better. Maybe I can ask for a vapouriser for xmas :P


Just FTR what's the general consensus on discussing toking and implements and stuff? Am I liable to get jumped on for starting another?

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I found this it might be helpful :P




To make a vaporizer you will need a few things here is a list.

-5 Gallon jug (you need this so the plastic wont melt at the top)

-Small Soldering Iron (with screw off tip)


-Large Thimble or Brass Plate that is bowl shaped

-Light Dimmer (optional, read about it)

-Soldering Iron

Find a soldering iron with a screw off tip (which can be found at any hardware store). Unscrew the tip. Find a screw that can screw into the hole you just made by unscrewing the tip. Find a brass plate, or bowl shaped brass plate thing that you can drill a hole into. One with a hole already in it would be nice. Drill a hole that is the width of the screw into the bowl thing. Then screw the screw through the brass bowl into the soldering iron. Hooking the iron into the jug might be hard. You need to use a cap that will fit onto the jug but also allow the soldering iron to go through the cap also. Its illustrated below how it should look. If you can get the soldering iron to hook onto the jug without a cap do it. If you can't, make a hole in the cap that can fit the soldering iron through it then snap or hook the cap to the 5 gallon jug. You can also add something called a Dimmer Switch which is used to dim or lighten lamps. You can use it with this to lower electricity to the soldering iron. This lowers the temperature at which the weed burns at, so if you want it to burn and produce more of a "smoke" and less of a vapor you can raise the temperature. Remember, the point of a vaporizer is to make it so the THC doesn't get burned, because when you smoke it with a pipe under a flame it destroys around 50% of the THC. With a vaporizer only around 5% is destroyed. This is optional though, soldering irons usually only reach the temperature that vaporizes THC, about 210-220 degree's. Now you should have the soldering iron in the jugits. Next, just drill, or cut a hole in the top of the bottle. Insert a tube. Then your vaporizer is now done! If you are having trouble understanding the picture below will help you. But if your still clueless just email me or go ahead and start building one (thats what i did) and its main idea will come to you as you are building it.




there was a pic but o well.

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You can also make them out of a light bulb...because the bulb is thin glass and can withstand a fairly high temp...

You just take the end off the globe somehow and put the pot inside and heat it with a normal lighter....I havent made one or tried one but was reading about it on the 420 forum...Do a search, ya bound to come up with something.

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A simple way to vape for $0 is use 2 knives with the mj between them and heat them on a hot plate or frying pan if using gas I have never tried it but it is basically the same as a hot plate vape model, IMO, oh and use a, toilet roll with no paper(or something like that), to catch the vapour, it will smoulder probably but you will get the idea, I actually should try that one daymybe now is the right time.


Eds: Ok I tried it and it is not bad, IMO there is the chance to get vape but practical considerations are knowing when this is being formed and not going to soon smoulder, use a longer roll to inhale with like paper towel and don't use perfumed paper roll the taste sucks trust me... , it is a hassle tho imo to get the knives in one hand and juggle the tube in the other etc.


Maybe others who have done this can input some ideas

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