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will a incadesent desk lamp do?!?


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Hey i'm gonna start growing in a draw 35cm/40cm/30cm and was wondering what i should buy in the way of lighting..


i've read a few grow guides and they mentioned mecury vapour, hps n other weird things but i jus don't have a clue! i just want something i can plug into the wall.



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i got a computer fan connected to my comp leading to the 5 cm gap in the draw


Use a 12v plug-in power adaptor for the fan, it needs to run 24 hours a day.


i also read the more light the better.. think its worth buying two $20 fluro lamps??


Buy two, you can pick them up for less at the supermarket.


You are aware that a grow of this size will be high maintenence and low returns?



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but how low will the returns be do you think??


Not great for two or three crops, after that you should get the hang of it and they will improve.


1. Do i germinate in light or dark??


In the dark.


2. How much (roughly) will it cost for 2 super-market fluros & a 12V fan.


You should be able to find them all for under $40.


3. Where can i get a 12V fan??


A PC fan runs on 12v.


..sorry for all the stupid questions i'm jus a n00b


You would be even sorrier if you didn't ask and it cost you your grow.



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i've been growing a few plants outdoors and a couple in doors in an un-used fishtank, all was going well till my light carked it so i put them all outside, about half are planted and the rest in pots, i thought about my yield (weed return) so planted another few seeds just to be sure :) hehe but the whole compact thing doesn't appeal to me, with the fish tank i'm using to grow to seedlings and then taking outdoor because i usually get excellent long days of great sun and the plants outside now are loving it, however i'm looking in investing in a few bits and pieced to turn my walk in robe into a nice hydro setup for minimal cost. (bathroom type exaust fan, lights and a few other up-front things) i think its the better way to go, the draw hardly sounds worth it, say 3 months for a few grams? i don't know, personal preference and situation i supose. if its the last resort then by all means get into it f'sure :)

just somethin to think about.


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