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Just transplanted

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I had 3 seedlings in 1 pot so I transplanted 2 of them into their own about 5 days ago. The cotilydons on the both the transplanted ones are basically fallen off and the normal leaves are starting to yellow. The one that I left in the original pot seems to be doing just fine so I believe I may have disturbed the other two when I transplanted. Does anybody know if my plants will be OK? Or a solution to my problem?


Once again, thanks for your help. I'll add a pic for you (not very clear). It shows the yellow tip on the leaves and the almost dead cotilydons.


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Guest Wilderbud

What sort of medium are you using? Looks like plain potting mix with no compost to me [doesnt look 'rich' from here] so its good to feed them liquid nutes [nutrients] every few weeks [let the plant tell you] or use some slow-release fertilizers. Its a bit late to make a organic medium - doh.


Id go with liquid nutes - Seasol [Aussie brand] or fish emulsion are common liquid fertilizers I recommend as theyre easier to use than mixing your own N, P and trace salts - they arent strong fertiliers when mixed correctly and Ive seen good growth from Seasol but do not use too much or itll salinate the soil and youll need to leech it by flooding [soil does not like to be flooded so it can be a disaster].


1/3 means mix the nutrients as the packet tells you to and dilute that further so its 1/3 as weak as the suggested amount so theres no chance of it burning the very young plant - strong nutrients can brown the tips of plant leaf. Go for full-strength nutes after a few weeks and the plantlet [what I call a seedling after 2 weeks - since its a tiny plant] should have a growth spurt if the weathers good.


PS. grab some potash for when she [crossing fingers] starts to flower - potash = sulphur of potassium and its good for flowering plants and its water soluble. Youll get shitty buds without it so keep it in mind. Id tell you to grab some urea also if you had grown before but its easy to burn a plant with these salts [although too much Potassium wont kill it as quickly as too much Nitrogen as the plant should be fully grown by thetime you use it].


If this is your only seed you might want to plant another couple incase its a male BTW. </long post>

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