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Wet Weight versus Dry Weight

Guest BudWaver

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Guest BudWaver

I recently got into a convo with someone regarding dried bud weight versus initial wet weight.


My assumption was that you lose 50-60 percent of the weight of the bud going from wet to dry using superbud and probably 60-70 percent without an additive like SB.


So I set up a little experiment and got some results which amazed me...and I was waaaaaaaaaay off base....


I weighed up my fully manicured buds wet and then fully dry and my loss in weight was 78%...and these buds were rock solid heavy little suckers not fluffy at all....


I hear people all the time saying (inlcuding myself previously) that you will lose 50-60 percent of your crop...but I have to say this is bullshit...its a lot higher....


Two other people ran similar tests and lost 80-85% of their yield...


Anyone else got some definitive test results and not a rough judgement/>?


Leaving the middles wet doesnt count as being fully dry....:D

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well, I've weighed my only two harvests so far and always got a little under half dry. this was after about a 2 week initial dry. but, last crop I put in a big curing jar and over a month or two it lost I'd say another 10-15% in volume. Not sure about weight. but when I put the buds in they were packed to the rim, now they're loose inside with room to move.
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Guest BudWaver

Pipeman how did you dry them? Did you dry them till the stems snapped?


Ive now tried this on 4 differnet strains with very little variation...except big bud which looked large in size but weighed very little

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Guest weekprik

I loose roughly 50% since using potash, it seems to hold the weight better.


Before I reakon i was looing yea like 60% at least, so IMO the potash is worth its weight in gold,

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It was a long time back (1994? 95?), was soil grown gear and I reckon the same as stonedas, about 20-30% of the original weight.


What I often wonder, is there a significant difference in the amount lost in drying between hydro grown gear, and soil grown gear. That's what's had my brain tickin for some time. I haven't got anywhere to grow outside anymore to find out.



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