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Nutrient heaters

Guest weekprik

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Guest weekprik



When I woke up this morning I could smell this feral smell, but Couldnt find where it was coming from,


Anyways as I have smoke detectors in my grow room, I wasnt too worried, but also couldnt find the source.

UNTILL I got home and went to test my tds and ph, then I noticed the nutrient heater in my res had exploded, theres glass bloody everywhere, Im lucky theres no fire.


So what the deal, the water was empty and that causes the glass to explode, BUT I checked it before I went to bed and the res was full of water??

I can only think that the heater fucked up, boilt the nutes off and then exploded cause it was dry.


damn I hope the plants are ok,

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Assuming you have the usual plastic tub for your reservoir it's unlikely that its boil proof and therefore would have melted or twisted in the heat if you had somehow managed to boil the nutrients, I would be looking for leaks in the system. If you only have a small reservoir then it is possible that the heaters thermostat stuck on and the water evaporated as a result, check the thermostat contacts for signs of sticking or damage.
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I don't think you should need a heater at all weekprik. You live in the north of the country? Then the ambient temps even in winter added to the temps generated by the growroom in passive warmth should keep the resi temps at good levels. 20 - 25 is considered a good range for nutrients, anything above and below that you're looking at having to alter the nutrient mix to compensate. If the temp is low, then you have to increase nutrient strength slightly, if the temps are high, then you should decrease nutrient strength slightly.... This is because of the different transpiration rates at different temps affect the amount of nutrient that a plant can absorb. lol


Hope that helps. :rolleyes:

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