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Indoor to out

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Hi all, my first post in the "new digs" and gotta say its lookin pretty good too!

As usual, have been given hubby's leftover "indoor baby" and plan on putting her in a big plastic tub then burying level in garden amongst corn and sunflowers for camouflage...is this a workable plan and if I cover her for 12 hours at night when do yas think she'd be ready (she's about 1 1/2 feet tall and about 2 months )

Cheers :blink:

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Hi Dragonlady

Whats the weather like where you are? If you are in for a few days of rain it may be best to put it out so it can climatize cos if you put it straight out into the hot sun it is going to burn the leaves. If it is hot put it in the morning sun but put it in the shade for a few afternoons for about a week. That even may cause it to start heading. Is there any reason why you cant put it straight into the ground? It will do much better than in a pot. But if i was you my first concern would be hot sun cause as i said you dont want the sun to burn it.

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A few things to consider


If its been indoor what nutrients has it been given have they been heated?


If yes you will need to flush them back for a week on cooler water otherwise the initial shock will stunt them


How much light was it given?? were they high intensity sidcharge or fluros and for how long 24/0 20/4 18/6?



But it is possible toms idea would probably be best as you could revert the clones to low light levels and outdoor temps from the start. Hope that helps stonedas

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:blink: Hi all again, thanx for the quick replies, here's the info!

Live in outback NSW with climate like Adelaide, clones are under 400w h.p.s. with nutes at tap temp. My bloke hasn't enough room for my baby so I got her to play with and the reason for the pot is we're renting and the yard has no good hidy holes and may need to move her. Was going to try the old garbage bag or whatever over her to induce flower

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he he, surrounded by the stuff but only mangy small bushes and occasional stunted trees (picture the Nullabor :blink: )

My fella has other three indoors and having limited success(they are clones of clones of clones etc. that started out good in quality/quantity but each grow loses more of both...is this the usual scenario???) Anyway, its me and him having our little growing competition so its not really important, just a bit of fun for me cause I don't smoke hehe

Cheers :)

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