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grow report: swt#3


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I'm starting this thread basically just as a grow diary for my second grow. Since the first grow (ak47 & white widow), I have made quite a few changes, first time round I had big problems with heat in the box, so I decided to use a small air conditioning unit, which I soon realised was doing very little for the power/space it was using, this time round I traded the a/c unit in for an air cooled hood for which I have installed ducting that goes into my roof, much more effective and economic! (I like)...


For the grow I have 3 clones all swt#3 (I origanally had 4 swt#3, and 2 headstone from SPC, but seeing as I didnt have the room the rest have gone into a mates grow as he has far mroe room), I decided after the last grow that with my limited space it is much better to grow out one strain at a time, although variety is good, uniformity of plant height etc is really needed. I am using coco/perlite (around 60/40 mix) as the medium, with canna coco nutes, plus cannazym, superthrive and a bit of h2o2 in the mix, I will also be using canna PK 13-14 for flower, at the moment I am aiming for around 2 EC and pH 5.8, they seem to be loving it! all except one, which suprises me alot seeing as they were all from the same mother (I think), seemed to be rooted about evenly when they went into the system (all had roots showing through the rockwool) and have all been fed from the same nute mix, none have showed wilting or any other sign that it would be root trouble but this one clone just doesnt want to grow! I have raised the light a bit and raised the level of the pot that the "slow" clone is in, in an effort to help it catch up...


I'll post a few shots of the clones at the moment, number 3 as you can see is obviously the "slow" clone, keep in mind they were all about her size when they started... btw, ignore the date on the last pic as she hasnt changed a bit since! its really got me stumped


I'm starting to love this strain already, the growth is really vigorous and the leaves that are starting to come out now have a real nice dark green colour and look almost waxy...


I will keep posting as they go...


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