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Cannabutter Some Say Simmer For 2-3 Hours And Some Say 24Hours

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Whenever i've made cannabutter i've simmered the trim with water for most of a day or over night if started in the evening. I use about 250g of butter to around 3-4 oz of trim, thats stalks & leaf, i've never used buds in butter. I add enough water so that the trim once soft from boiling is fully covered. I simmer it as low as i can but still have a simmering action with the lid on naturally. Always makes for some kickass butter.

Personally tho i don't like the butter much, i have a hell of a time getting the dose right. I always seem to end up with the greendeath :twitchsmile: :twitchsmile:

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I have always put it in simmering water. melt a bit of butter in first, add a bit of weed, more butter, more weed etc etc etc. I'll cook it with a lid on the pot, usually between 3-5 hours. I've never experienced any quality loss with longer hours...went for about 8 once...and yeah whoever said if it's a nice green colour? Yep. Every time. Love it.
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I have done 24 hours (leaf) and think is a bit of overkill.  I usually simmer bud for 2-3 hours but have made killer shade leaf milkshakes in 20 mins. I honestly think most of the THC is boiled out in the first 30 minutes. Butter is not 100% fat and you can lose a lot over a long period of time, I always use water and butter together.

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