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Cannabutter Some Say Simmer For 2-3 Hours And Some Say 24Hours

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gday stoners

just put some cannabutter on and i have just looked at some sites about simmer times and they say different times. one says no longer than 3hours and then another says no less than 22hours and no more than 24hours.

can anyone help

all comments appreciated.

thanks bambu

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ok what youre trying to do is allow the resin glands to become suspended / dissolved in the the animal fat(butter) yea

theoretical this shouldnt take too long , also we know that thc is degraded under the presence of heat

myself ive cooked the stinking gunk up for anywhere from 1 - 3 hours and it worked good

my mate cooked up some in the pressure-cooker for 30 minutes and it worked great too , in fact some ppl were tripping balls and one poor fella wanted to go to the hospital!!! .. so we had to lock him in the broom closet till he came down lol lmao


so do what ya reckon is best and let us know the results aye :thumbsup:



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Jve been making butter for years and as frazz said, the time can vary and I believe in the end you'll just trust your heart. However from

experience use only butter no water, only use heat to

melt the butter, use a double boiler for a very controlled heat - I usually go with the setting best described as "2" on my stove. Add trimmings (stems leaves are best) apptox 8-16 grams for 200g of butter. Depending on desired strength 20 grams for stone coma and cupboard aslyum situations like frazz described.

HEAT on the low temp of "2" for 10-15 minutes. Do not allow to simmer or boil. Someone once told

me any more than approx 130degrees celcius the thc is activated so I use this as a guideline. You do not want it activated as that will provide you with stone-less butter,


take off from

double boiler after 10-15 min strain all the stems and leaves out through a general kitchen siv and place in fridge(covered). Allow set for 24hrs (or 2-4 if your impatient, and serve! You can repeat the process by cooling and adding more bud. But Fuck it I've had one cookie containing roughly 8grms of butter and I was fucked up for hrs. I use the term fucked up because I was trying to prevent my brain from melting I was so high.

Good luck and be careful you can seriously over do it with cooking and the munchies are dangerous as heck!

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