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Man Rates Burning Koran Vs Bible

Al B. Fuct

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Bible or Koran - Which burns best?


I'm a little perturbed about how this fella conducted his experiment 'n how he came about his findings. As he didn't elaborate too much about how both the Bible and Koran were constructed. Like for instance, one would regard that rice paper or hemp paper being less harsh on one's throat, compared with paper derived from trees. As well as the processes/chemicals that the mentioned papers were exposed to, while being constructed. Also something else to factor in, is the properties within the ink that was used during printing. So I tend to think his little experiment is floored in varies ways.


But apart from that, I found the video clip quite humorous and entertaining along the way. Especially how stoned he appeared after finishing the spliff made from the Bible. Good on him. lol



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I reckon he just wants to get stoned ;) lol


Sounds like he's going to lose his job at a university in qld. they were apparently not too impressed




Queensland lawyer Alex Stewart smokes pages from the Koran and Bible

From: The Courier-Mail, AAP


A BRISBANE-based lawyer and atheist who videoed himself smoking what appeared to be joints made with pages from the Bible and the Koran expects to lose his job at a Queensland university.

In the video, posted on YouTube, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) staffer Alex Stewart compares cigarettes made with pages from the two holy texts.

In the clip, titled "Bible or Koran - which burns best?", the professed atheist says burning religious books is no big deal and people need to get over it.

"It's just a f---ing book," he says.

"Who cares? It's your beliefs that matter. Quite frankly, if you are going to get upset about a book, you're taking life way too seriously."

But the QUT, which employs Mr Stewart, is not impressed. Vice-chancellor Professor Peter Coaldrake said that the university does not support the destruction of religious artefacts.

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he is a publicity seeking gutless clown IMO

to say its scientific is a load of shit

he says "who cares"

well send his sorry arse over to Afghanistan and let our Australian soldiers put him in front of them smoking his Koran so he catches a few hot lead slugs from the taliban

then he will know "who cares"



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