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Hey all :-) i took 2 clones about 4 days ago and lately they havnt been look all that healthy..... Well this morning i pulled one of em outa the gro wool and the stem part that was under the medium was shrivled and brown color.....


Does any one have any input as to why this happend?


Thanx all

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A thin layer of polystyrene on the hot water system (electric), clones on the polystyrene and glad wrap over the clones to create humidity, or polystyrene coffee cups wrapped in glad wrap and placed on the hot water system. Not very scientific but is cheap, easy and works.


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I have thought about a waterbed heater, would this work?? i dont know what heat it puts out.

yeah mate it works good. But they are 600w or so. So not to practical for those trying to keep their electricity down with a couple of lights already running but they are great nonetheless. I used one for a while to germinate 100's of seeds. just with a layer of panda over the top and a heap of rockwool cube slabs. Dunno if they are waterproof but Im here now. Anyways yeah, they are good. The thermostat just has like low medium and high type thing. but if you wanted to make it real good you could keep it on a thermostat. I kept mine on low all the time and it was quite hot in the freezing cold of my old shed. alot of mould though.


Boulders idea is a good one too, I used it way back when I was first growing outdoors to germ my seeds.


The Method I use for germing/cloning is a 20ltr plastic tub with a kitty litter tray sitting in the top on top of 2 upside down pots, the kitty litter tray has heaps of holes drilled in it. Anyway I put a nutrient heater in there set to 20c and some airstones hooked up to a smallish airpump. and fill the tub up with 1/4 strength bloom nutes until it is about 5mm above the bottom of the kitty litter tray. Do you guys get that. Its pretty easy, cheap aerated heated tray. Way cheaper than a heated tray and aerated as well.

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OK i got my heater and took more clones last night but...... Theres always a but.......



One of the clones stem went shrivled ABove the gro wool... unlike last time where it was beneath the medium..... ANy ideas why it is shrivling abouve the medium??? This is pissing me off all i want is to root a damn clone....

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