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Old Mother Sativa

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I posted a similar question on "Seeds and Seedbanks" but had no response, maybe that was the wrong area. I am under the impression that a lot of people in OZ grow a strain call "Old Mother Sativa". I have looked at the sites of all the seed venders I know and trust, but have had no luck finding this strain. Can anyone help me out with a realiable seed company who has this strain.



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Guest Urbanhog

Old mother sativas is often mix of many different sativa hybirds, and every part of Australis's "Bush Buds" is not the same, just similar, nothing "offically recorded as a strain". Some african sativas will do the job if you are "looking for big sativas" ;)


Urbanhog lol

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here is a quote from WC about Old Mother Sativa from another thread.




Mullumbimby Madness is a bunch of different strains, the two most common, notable Mullumbimby Madness' are Old Mother Sativa a pure thai plant local to kyogle, and The strain Mullum-madman grows which is supposed to be a hybrid of many different landrace's but is not a pure sativa.

Both are fucking huge plants.

But there is legends about old mother sativa that she can yield 15lB off one plant and grow 30ft tall.



White Cluster


If you run into a dead end try PMing Rodwal. I don't know if he could help you out but that would be a good place to start. And if you find out where you can get it let us know. I wouldn't mind getting a hold of MM myself. lol

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Old Mother Sativa is a plant kept in the north coast, it is an old pure thai plant, never hybridised.


No seeds are available this year, but next year around May there will be many. I dunno if I can write down the guys email address, and you'se dont need it yet, cos there is no seeds yet.


Anyway I grew the seeds outdoors a few years ago, only got 2 harvested females from 200 seeds, but they were nice plants with nice poison-y sativa buds. Mine were'nt huge yielders, but skinniest leaves of anything I've ever grown. Its not as potent as say The Flying Dutchmens Pure Thai, but its nice bud none the less.


take care

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