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Afghani and SPC indica

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Guest elefunk_delivers

From my last grow...


<my spc indica>

i noticed the spc indica to finsh a wee bit earlier

so prob about 7 weeks..

i suggest tieing the buds up at 5th week.. as they just want to get fatter


<my affi> i gues could have gone longer your prob looking at about

8-10 weeks depending on your veg..



hope this helps..


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Then you should be using that to work out total allowable concentration. The base e.c. is still salts, they may not be particularly useful to the plant, but they will be absorbed, and going over the standard 1.4 - 1.8 veg, 1.8 - 2.4 flowering (depending on strain, and these figures are for a recirculating system, how do you grow?) will hurt the plants, or at the very least force them to take in more than they like. So when making up your nutes, take the baseline into account. Plants can only take so much, and then they start to chuck a wobbly.


So in short, yes, it may finish slightly sooner with a higher e.c., but really, you won't be getting all you can from the buds, longer growing, usually means more bud.

There's a saying amongst orchid growers which I think is appropriate here, weakly, weekly. Less nutes more often is better than lots in bursts.


Hope that helps ya. :huh:

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Guest weekprik

ok maybe this should be in another forum or what??


I was told that when using a truncheon and using hydro, with flood and drain ebb/flow, system with hydroton, that=


Make the a+b nutes to 1400ppm, or 20cf, 2.0ec,


than add Potash, DM MAX, then adjust the ph to as close to 6.3 as possible,


so in flower the total concentration would be 1820ppm, 26cf, 2.7EC,

and in Veg or grow the total concentration is 1680, 24, 2.5ec,

Ive always used this for growing so far and have never had any nutrient problems since doing this, no signs of burn etc,


oh and i change my nutes on a friday everyweek.



also my nute temp is set at 22deg c,

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if you're measuring and adjusting your nute strength with a meter you are automatically taking into account the ec/ppm of your tapwater.


different systems,environments,strains can all effect what the optimal nute level should be. There is no formula you can follow that will be optimal for all conditions, you just need to trial and error and see what works best for you.

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