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does anyone know how to keep my motherplant what is the besy system to use to keep it growing vigourous and healthy.


Should i use flourous or my 400 watt MH light???


should i use soil???


drip system


should i keep it in my flowering area blocked off by black mylar??





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yea have done tom (thought of the fridge myself too ,dont feel crazy now but havnt made one yet!)if ya look i posted on that link.im just using an old white wardrobe on its side with a floro in it and the mums and seedings in it look very lush and healthy and are just had watered .i also buit this with unwanted junk from others.i wish i had a camera it's pretty crappy but works fine.happy herb. :)
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Are you better off with a seed grown, or cloned out mum? And if you do decide to use a clone as a motherplant, are you better to take from growth with nodes still appearing two on opposite sides, or with the nodes coming one at a time? Does that make sense? I've forgotten what those two forms of growth are called.... lol

Any help on this will be appreciated. B)

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Seed or clone it doesn't matter, take the clone from and area of the plant that is showing healthy growth or if you tip your plants do it a node lower and you have a very good clone.



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