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hooking up fluros to power

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Hi guys,


Kinda new here, and glad Ive found a good informative aussie site.


My query is how the hell u spose to hook up the fluros to electricity. Ive just bought 2 x twins (36watt each) and being naive I expected them to come with a simple power lead u hook up to the wall....

Looks like these suckers were made to sit on the ceiling of a room, and when it comes to wiring I have no idea.

Any suggestions/pointing me in the right direction, would be great guys!!

I just want to get the veg-area under way since they have started to pop up.

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hey man if you don't know what you're doing I wouldn't advise you wire anything up.  Either take them to an electrician to wire plugs on for you or return them and buy fittings with power chords ready to plug in.

Yeah, electricity is very dangerous, don't mess with it if you don't know what you are doing, a sparky wouldn't charge much for the job.



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thnx 4 the help guys......


I was going to get a refund and go in search of others, I was even considering getting these 13w fluro's (singles)with the power lead, at K-Mart, but those things were over $50. each, so screw them.....back to Bunnings to pick up afew little extras.


I have a friend who says he can put it together, I just had to find a few cable connectors and I have a few cords around so hopefully he can put some juice into them and my nurturing can begin lol



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sounds good. If you get stuck you can buy fluoro tube fittings from pet stores ready to plug in. People use them for fish tanks, or what I've done is bought cheap lamps from Bunnings and busted them up to use the power chord and light holder and buy compact fluoros for them. I've seen CF up to 23W, a few of them in a small grow area and its probably good enough for vegging.
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pipeman - I bought 3 30 watt cf's today - $67 AUD incl tax.its rated for 10 000 hours - this was the best $ per hr ratio cf I could find.I did find a 40 watter - but it was $60 AUD per one unit - sheesh steep and I think it had only 5000 hr life - so that made the LUXMEN's that I got look even better.
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G'day people,


enough bullshit, this is safe as fuck. These guys just ain't done it before.

Its easy as piss.


Anyway first things first, grab an extension cord with 3 wires.

Chop the female end off the thing and get rid of a couple of inches of the top grey plastic, but leave the plastic underneath.


Now earth the thing, they can be run without earth, and this might be the reason these guys say its dangerous. Anyway earth wire is the green one, it should always be green and is easy to pick, its the other cords that are hard to pick. .


Anyway, strip the green wire and look in your flouro case for a screw in the bottom that is there for no reason. If there is no screw in the bottom drill a hole and put a screw in the body of the flouro (anywhere metal). Anywhere then you screw the green wire under the screw so it is always touching the metal body of the light fixture. On some flouros there will be symbols for each cord, the symbol for earth is a T with 2 lines on top of it. Also if the flouro has 3 slots for cords ready in the body, earth should be in the middle. It should go N, T, A.


Next 2 cords wont matter so much. Once it is earthed you can put em in either way, and if you have done it wrong, all that will happen is nothing, if you do it right the light will come on.


The only way I can help you is if there is symbols there, the blue wire should go to N and the green wire go to A. But like I said, it doesn't matter so much.

Alot of extension cords have different coloured wires but earth should always be green or green and yellow stripes.


Anyway, theres a different answer without so much bullshit.

Dont be scared, cos once its earthed its safe as fuck.

The only way that it can be dangerous, is if the earth wire isn't touching the body and one of the other wires is. Then all that will happen is if you touch the light you will get electricuted. It will still be on.


Fuck electricity, you city boys are all chicken shit, I grew up around electrity and know its sumthing to fear. But being scared of a little flouro light is crazy talk.

As kids me and my sister played hop-scoth over fallen power lines in a storm once.

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Its easy as piss.


then you screw the brown wire under the screw so it is always touching the metal body of the light fixture.


Fuck electricity, you city boys are all chicken shit,

thats not the attitude wc, electricity WILL kill, especially if you put the brown wire to metal body and have dodgy earth system in house (eg cut main earth from whipper snipper)


take care and try to think safety (common sense)


cheers Mozz

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