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HPS distance from plant

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Hey all first post here :-D i have 22 9cm tall seedlings under a 400watt HPS how high should the light be from the plants? i dont see very much growth. There in soil BTW.





Also please note i dont plan on finishing with 22 plants i plan on flowering only 4 maby 5 if the room permits.

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In the seedling stage you want to keep your light a fair distance from your plant, say 3 feet. Then when they get established you can lower the light. To determine how low you can go hold the back of your hand level with the top of your plants for a couple of minutes. You want your hand to be pleasantly warm but not hot. If its cool the lights are too far away you can lower them some more. If its uncomfortably hot the lights are too close.
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Thanx for the fast post :-D


I am nothing if not speedy. :)


what will the plants do if there to close to the light? wilt? discolour?


not sure man, I think the leaves start cupping and eventually turn brown and die near the top. Maybe someone who has burnt their plants can answer? :)


also what kinda grwoth should i expect from them?


don't know. thats a very general question and depends on many aspects of your grow. What medium & nutes you use, what light you use, your grow room temp etc etc etc. I'm a newbie grower myself, so am still learning as well.


all I can say is if you want to fine tune your growing skills you've come to the right place :D

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0.5 grams per watt is a rule of thumb. But like I said, many variables. Some get a lot more, some get a lot less.


In terms of nutes I reckon osmocote. Sols recommended osmocote to me, and said he always uses it with soil grows. remember its always better to go too light with nutes rather than too heavy.

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When u say osmacote do u mean the little bead thingys u get in a tub or a water solubile mixture? if so which one and while i am at it i will also ask which fertilizer for flowering.



Thanx heaps for all reasponses :-D




P.S what mixture ratio do u use and do i need to use a weak solution in the begining

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I would just mix a little osmocote, in pellet form, in the top inch of your soil. When I did this I found my plants really took off. Just do this once, and you shouldn't need to add any more ferts.


In terms of flowering nutes just look for any bloom booster. yates lush is meant to be good. but only use a little and water with ferts no more often than what the instructions say. but with osmocote in your soil mix, you can finish without adding any flowering nutes.


bear in mind I'm a newbie grower not even finished my first grow, so hopefully some experienced growers will chime in with their opinions for you.

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