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gday just noticed a nice upsupsicous looking plant on http://www.cannabis-strainbase.com/Austral...ains/index.html ,just wondering where to find some aussie seed sellers to get some, or any links and info about the plant or what eva would be gr8. my lil babies are almost 4 weeks old outdoors growing pretty well will have some pics soon ducks foot is the plants name hope the link works.
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I asked Wally ( the breeder ) only recently if he knew where i could get my hands on some of these genetics, here's the transcrip of the conversation that ensued.


Rattdogg wrote on 03-15-2003 11:49 AM:

Mate i really love the way those duckfoot plants grow you do a great job. If you look at my gallery you will see i grow Scrog, just wondering has anyone ever scrogged these duckfoot ? And i'm also wondering if theres somewhere i can purchase these genetics? I'd really love to have a go at screen growing some of these, sorry for all the ? mate, but just wondering what genetics make up this strain ? Thanks for your patience,





Re: Lovely Ladies

Gidday mate , i too inhabit the same continent as you do .. scrog is what i kinda try to do naturally without the screen , the duck isnt suited indoor far as i have found so far , but if you live south of me , which is likely , but not too far , you will find this a fantastic strain , buds the size of your leg and really weighty , i sufffer from mould here this time of year and loose often half of my plants , many dont reach full maturity due to this , the monsonal rains can be a killer on budding plants ... anyhow there are several places you can get the seeds for next season , seedsdirect has them as does cannagentics , though they are after test growers and you ll have gto apply for such .... good luck mate cheers wally ... feel free to write back if you have any ????





Rattdogg wrote on 03-16-2003 08:21 PM:

Thanks for the quick reply mate, i will definately look into getting some of those beans from seeds direct, just on that have you ever ordered from them? Just wondering if things were cool getting them into OZ ? ALso have you ever thought of trying a few plants in a greenhouse , just thought it may keep a bit of the rain off your ladies, although the humidity has gotta be a killer up there .




Yea im working toward a better place where i can do a bit of environment control and many other things , is getting closer .. seeds are pretty easy through seeds direct , ive had about 4 packages from them and not a prob , i send mail there too without a prob .. is all pretty easy once you know what to expect ..oz is one of the easier places from what i can tell , have gotten many weed , hash , seed packages successfully , nott a failure yet actually .... take care .. wally .

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Guest elefunk_delivers

how weird is it buyin seeds strains that originated in our country..


ill keep my eye out if any1 has them for trade..

Coz i also wanna try this homebrewed stuff...


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Ducksfoot looks f-ing perfect! Just the kind of plants I need.... What's the cheapest price anyone out there knows of for this? Even just 5 seeds would be enough.... I'd love to know if the trait can be passed on... It must be recessive, but with some careful breeding maybe. How would one get in contact with the original breeder? (Wally I think it was?)



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