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Thc Bikkies

Guest elefunk_delivers

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Guest Urbanhog

Hey, got your PM, thought will reply instead here, BB has pretty much answered your question...


go to the General THC cooking, that BB supplied the link in her post, then I strongly suggest you to read these threads in the THC cooking sub-forum first:



[*]Cannabutter Part 1 and 2


[*]Pot Cooking FAQ


once you have read these 3 threads, then you are pretty much well informed and ready to whip up pretty much anything.


IMO, I never use the stems, some people do use these branches stems, but never the main woody stem, I just dont like using that in my cannabutter for personal reason... no reasons really, its just me :)


Once you have made cannabutter, you can use any receipe books from your mum, granny or anyone's shelves and just replace the normal butter with cannabutter, but I suggest it might be best to use 50/50 normal butter and cannabutter first to test out the potency of the cannabutter, and might taste bit better than having using 100% worth of half cup or more worth of cannabutter, it might end up very very potent and maybe strong "canna after taste" in some cases.


Goodluck, feel free to ask me anything, there's no stupid questions here if you dont know the answer or opinions :huh:


Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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Guest elefunk_delivers

45mins on Boil, 5 hours on simmer.


In the Fridge..

for sepration..


who likes the Mango Atchar.. yummmm


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Guest Urbanhog

hey thanks ele for sharing with us of your pics of cannabutter :rolleyes:


You used fresh leaves? not dried leaves? That would be interesting because I havent used fresh leaves in my life yet, always used dried leaves. Only once used fresh leaves and they turned out to be strongish in "green" after taste.... taste kinda weird.... since then used dried, tasted a lot better with mixing in curries, muffins, cakes, the list is endless!


Yet it will still work either using dry or fresh leaves,there's isnt much differences in its potency, only the taste.


That pic you posted of the leaves, is that the only amount you used?


You are supposed to leave in the fridge overnight then scrap off the harden butter/oils floating on the top then you freeze them ;)


Cheers for showing us....


Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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