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air cooled hood

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Hey all i have finnished my air cooled hood, and since i have started to run it the temp in my grow room stays 26c give or take .5, i am happy with it so far but time will tell because i am allways picking at things that i through should of done this way or that way, whel i should leave well enough alone. lol


bong on aussie

ozmade :rolleyes:

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Guest Urbanhog
well done oz, looks good.  how much closer to your plants do you reckon you can get your light now?

Get a Heat Sheild from your local hydro shop, I was speaking to a fellow member... claimed heat sheild worked wonders, can bring closer to plants and have more even plants rather than having plants growing away from the heat, burnt crisps heads etc etc only cost approx $25.00 that you add on with when you screw in the globe holder.


Heat sheild is a small sheet of tin/metal with lots of tiny holes that you put under the globe it stops giving too much heat downwards onto your beauty head colas/plants but....doesnt change the grow area/room tempetures so I have been told, which makes sense.


I am getting one soon. :rolleyes:


Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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hey pipeman and urbandog i have it about 200mm at the moment pipeman still moveing to see how close i can get before thay start to burn, Urbandog you must of been reading my mind i was just thinking about one of those heat sheald i know that thay do work because a dude i knew back in syd was useing one and he could get his light pritty close to the plant lol


bong on aussie ::rolleyes::

ozmade lol

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