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Cone pieces

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Hey wheneva i go to a mates or something that doesnt smoke and some1 else comes over with some weed. We never can get a cone piece and we get too pissed to go get 1. We been cutting up aluminium cans to make cone pieces, i hate it. Any1 go any other like homemade cone piece techniques or anything


:D, god this makes me look cheap :P :P

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Guest Urbanhog

the can's handmade cones.... done me good job when I was a teenager.... :P


Usually they are only cost few bucks from your local tobaccist smoke shop. :P


Otherwise... foil can be used, but not good when it gets blocked, you gotta make a other one :D


What to do is when you are sobber and have the time to get cones, just buy 4-5 and leave them at each of your mate's places, so when you visit over, there's one there....




Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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As an emergency, the aluminium can conepiece is okay, but if you really give a crap about your health then you won't use them. Why? lol

Because the paints used on the cans is baked and vaporised when you light the cone, so all those lovely paint chemicals and so on are going in your lungs too... So go down to the local weed shop, buy yourself a few conepieces, and like bloodshot_eyes suggests, get one of the small cones that can be attached to a keyring, or even better, a small keyring pipe that can be used in a pinch and also be disassebled to use on a bong or bucket too! Some of them are really ingenious in the ways they camoflage themselves, if that's an issue, and like you say bloodshot, most non-smokers won't even know what it is even if it's a simple one!

Oh, and for the love of your lungs, don't use plastic hose pipe in your bongs either, only good steel or brass is even close to good for you. Just imagine all the lovely complex polymers melting, burning, vaporising, and travelling straight to your head every pipe if you use a plastic hose for a stem.... lol


I don't want to sound harsh man, but that stuff will fuck you up, so give some thought to it...


peace, and happy (and healthy,lol) smoking! :rolleyes:

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A friend of mine has his always attached to his key ring, alot of the time non smokers dont even know what it is so you'll be suprised that no-one will notice it's a cone. Very handy, you never know when you may happen to come across some smoke an hey presto, you got a cone right next to ya car an house keys lol

i have an entire pipe attached to my carkeys :rolleyes:


but the last time i was pulled up by the five-o's they didn't even notice

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Yep, Markets, Bong shop or Tobbacconist, They all sell what your after, Just be verrry careful about what you buy at the markets, The last ceramic bong i bought was cracked, Something i didn't notice till after it was used, The nico n' tar n' shit made the crack go black/brown so it stood out. The missus still kept it as it was the only one we've seen like it and she fell in love with it, Not bad for someone who doesn't smoke.

As a youngen i always had a cone in the small coin pocket of my jeans and in all the times searched by leo it wasn't found.

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i have a mini pipe on my key ring.  its so nice.  Since it takes screw all weed to get me wacked it becomes very handy.  5 bucks it cost me.  If your an Adelaide person they are available at smoke signals on hindly st.

sounds like mine....very handy....but just don't get caught with it if it's got some 'plant matter or residue' in it....

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