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First time grow...sorta

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Well, I posted this on Yahooka.com many times but didn't get a whole lot of responses.


My grandma is growing, originally 7 plants but now it's dropped down to ONE and I get to keep it :)


(the other 6 went to ppl in need of weed)


So...How do you ppls think they're doing? How long (estimate) do you think before budding...Anything in paticular I should feed em to give me nice juicy buds??


Sorry if this seems incredibly simple to some but I'm clueless, I used to grow by planting and letting em go...it always worked well but now with only ONE plant and a drought I've become a tightass ;)


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Guest bacchus

crusty...your grandma sure is a good gardener....

the plants look really healthy and lush...i only ever use 'seasol' plant food on my plants as i like to use organic matter where i can....promotes nice healthy growth..

as for when it is going to flower, well i can't really guess...do you have any idea how old the plant is?....i am sure that there will be other growing afficionados here that might be able to give you an answer to that one better than i can...

don't worry about being clueless, there are lots of people here to help...

keep the pics coming...

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Guest GrowMad
Great lookin plant there... Grandma Greenthumb eh? :P For a flowering fertiliser I use Manutec Bloom Booster. There are probably other products out there just as good or better, but this works great for me, even in hydro...
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