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how legal is selling seed?

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I've been sitting on the Idea of a dollar a seed seedbank for ages now, and have many tested parents ready to go. I am definately not in this for money but to help newbies. I think people who exploit pot for money are low pimping shit, (no offence to you all)

basically I just wanna sell my own versions of the main strains, I wont be stealing buisness off any Aus seed sellers. It'll be like an Australian Johnny Reeferseed.

selling, Skunk #1, Northern Lights, Afghani #1, white widow, and a couple of hybrids between those strains, and hybrids with bubblegum, flo, Ak47 whatever other strains I've got mothers of, which is alot.

Anyway I was wondering about the legalities of this.

I keep most of my genetics in tissue culture, and I am only planning to have 4 real plants growing at any one time.

Would I be better off in giving my seeds to Johnny Reeferseed? If theres any chance of jail I cant do it.

Is anyone else interested in getting rid of the seeds and I'll just grow them?

My parents are all good stock chosen from 30+ seeds from reputable breeders, e.g. Sensi, Dutch Passion.

I dont know about seed yield either, as I only have experience with controlled pollination, I've never done an open pollination, will the yield of seed make $1 to $2 a seed viable.

I got inspired to do this reading a real old High Times with adds for cultivators choice selling seeds for $1 each.


Anyway, any help would be appreciated, I'd need to do it all legit hey?, I've never even had a job.

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Sorry to say but if you get caught selling seeds in oz you will get in deep shite. They are illegal as is any part of the plant.

When i was raided the last time they even counted a 1 inch stem as a plant and weighed up all my seeds.

Would be very good to see some cheap seeds floating around though, Or you could always just send them to me.


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I thought there were new laws about seeds, that they were legal for food preperation now. obviously not though.

Is it true that a seed is considered $2000 value?

Yeah, dumb idea. but i dunno still. Maybe in a year or 2 an oz seed seller will show up with cheap seeds.

It just wont be white_cluster :)

Cos basically, to get all my parents ready, I had to grow out 100's of seed at a time to find out which males produced the best offspring. So all the Jail danger is pretty much over. But yeah, maybe a FOAF can grow 1 seed crop and a board member could give em away?


I thought it was legal, so that kills my dream.

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If you read my post you'd see it was about getting seeds to people for almost free, I don't necesarily hate people that sell pot, but people should grow their own as dealers sell something worth say $20 for $300. I dont know about how many seeds I would get under 1 400w light that I have spare. But I doubt it would be much profit at all, as I said in my last post, maybe a board member could give them away.


I've never had a job no, I dont ever want a job. I'm pretty much self sufficient, I grow my own food, and dont need no luxuries. (except for new seeds, CD's)

Basically everything I need I do it for myself.


I am an anarchist, and you my friend are a wanker. I dont wanna be a slave, working my arse off to make my boss get rich off all my hard work.


Nimbin is only a couple of mins away so I dont think I'll bother moving there.


Have a nice day at work tomorrow mate.

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Guest Urbanhog

Yeah piss off Dr.Greenthumbs.... :)


Maybe other opinion/suggestion.....have this "little system"......


Members can send the cash to this site for a small percentage maybe something like 20-30% and you get 70-80% or whatever for all the hassles and bother and then re-send the cash to you.


I don't know if OzStoner, the owner of this site will support the idea, I am only making a suggestion here, I mean people sell seeds and clones thru here right? I think you will just need the owner's permission first to make things cool and hassle free. I have no idea.


Then this site will email you the addresses where to send the seeds everyweek or whatever?


If you just want to give away while you pay for their postage too Australia-Wide of course... all they will have to do is PM or email you request for seeds, and you just send them off, and they wont even know your ID or address?


I often give away seeds now and then I just simply get too many seeds now and then, and I dont even need them, so I just pass them on forward to a fellow member..... so I will be able you help you out if you needed with postage costs to other members if you want to give away.




Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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