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out side in winter?

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It can be done in the grow room by re-vegging the plant after pruning off all the heads but it is hardly worth the effort, it's better to keep a mother plant and start new crops from clones. As for keeping an mj plant going for years outdoors, Mother Nature didn't allow for that.



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High boxerbill, welcome to ozstoners.. :blink:


1 - your plant will not survive frost.

2 - cannabis is a one-year-cycle-plant. wich means: grow it-dry it-smoke it. you cannot keep it for years (unless under very special circomstances)

3 - you can keep the plant "forever" if you take clones all the time.

4 - I advice you to read the boards on growing, cloning, light setups, grow setups etc... I'm sure you will find all your anwers even more detailed there, as I'm not so good at English as our fellow stonerz are.



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I have Germinated a Starters pack i got a while ago from spc, When the Sun Comes Out or when i wake up i put it out into the sun and when Sunset sets in I place them inside under a Fluro Light,


My Q's Are:


Is it Healthy Using The sun and fluro?


How Long Should i Set it under the Fluros indoor?


i dont want the Winter frost Gettin to the Plants, So later im gonna Transport it to larger pots. And go indoor/outdoor,


Any Tips Suggestions Would Be Greatly Greatly Appreciated

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g'day; if you start them now they will finish before frost in sydney.

plant will grow slowly in winter if no frost kills it.

i know guy who grew same plant outside for over 12months, only seen it work the once, think he fluked it.

cold nights of 15C or below during flowering can give purple buds too ;)

if you start plant in winter it wont mature until next autumn/winter.

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Winter crops really depend alot on your strain, any ruderalis hybrid, or a dutch purple strain will flower in any part of australia. Grom from May thru to June, there is heaps of good rain at these times. Anyway plant up high on a cliff in the suniest spot possible, and mulch realy well. Purple strains are not very potent. A good winter crop strain to try is 'mango bud' from homegrown fantaseeds. Its not the same mango buds that were around a few years back, it is much less special, but still quality compared to most amsterdam outdoor strains.


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1) There is NO frost in Sydney in winter ;) leastways I've never seen any.


2) If you plant now, they'll get to about a foot tall and bud. You'll get maybe 1/4 oz per plant.


3) From my experience it's possible to grow a plant twice per year. That is, you put it in around May, harvest in September-October, and harvest again in late April-early May the next year.


The buds from the spring harvest give you a taste of next years crop but are not generally top quality.


However, if you can bring them inside every night and put them under fluoros until 8 pm between May and November. After this you can put them outside for summer. If you do this, you will get abnormally large plants especially if they're sativas (>>10 ft) and huge yields. ;)

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Guest Urbanhog
Purple strains are not very potent.

What makes you say that??? ;)


you mean purple strains or strains that turn purple later stage of their growth?


From what I have been told, as I have made a posting somewhere here "Purple Buds - Cool Nights", as I was asking a question about purple buds/cool nights.


People have grown potent strains, its the cool nights makes the colour change from what I have been told.


Please correct me if I am mistaken here ;)


Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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