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Vapir One (v2.0) review :)

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A Vapir One Review (rev 2.0)





I tried looking around the net for a decent review of this thing but I'll have to say it wasn't an easy mission. Looked around quite a few sites and even tried to find reviews on stoner forums and I did manage to find a couple, but I wasn't completely convinced.


So with that I started emailing the guys at freewheelin (no I'm not giving them an advertising plug, just letting you's know ::D: ) they where very curteous and really took the time to discuss their thoughts on the unit, so big ups to them for the great service :thumbsup



(I will apologies now if I'm messing up with people's bandwidth and especially to the 56k folks but I have kept you all in mind and have tried to size down images to keep them all a respectable size)



So that all out of the way, let's get to the actual review of the unit itself.




:: The package ::




consists of:



1 x Vapir One unit (rev 2.0 - with a 'supercharger' unit)

1 x Vapir Balloon (minty flavoured)

2 x Food/Medical Grade Tubes

1 x X-Tip Mouth Piece

2 x Herb Disks

1 x Jaguar Sampler Herb Disk

1 x Pair of Tweezers

1 x Instructional VCD

1 x User Manual/Warranty Card

2 x Keys (to lock the unit so it's not usable to randoms)




So overall, a pretty nice package. The kit is well put together (and even the packaging that it came in was tough to take apart :baaasmiley:)



:: My thoughts on the unit ::


Well I never was a patient person, so I didn't bother with watching the vcd and jumped right into it :) my first impressions on the Vapir One is that, although it's made out of some sort of heat/shock resistant plastic, it still feels like it's very durable and hardy. I wouldn't go around saying that you could drop it though, and I would advise others against trying ::): it even has a nice strap around the hand holding bit so that it won't slip when you're busy trying to fiddle with the unit.


I broke off a tiny piece of bud (weighed up on digis, it was exactly 0.10 grams) finely cut up the weed and put it into one of the empty herb trays. This amount was just enough to give it a nice thin layer. And closed up the herb disk and set her aside.


I then turned on the unit and adjusted the device to 200 degrees celcius (it also has a fahrenheit toggle switch) and put the fan on 'high'. The fan itself is a whiney bastard! I'm not even kidding, it's quite loud. Which brings me to ask the question, is this what the makers meant when they where referring to it being a 'supercharger'? :;):


To some, the whiney noise of the fan may or may not be an issue. But I felt it was a point that was worth mentioning none-the-less.


It's got a nifty feature where I can check the 'actual temperature' as opposed to the 'set temperature' that is always in view on the little lcd read-out. With 3 fan settings (Low, Medium and High) the temperature has a tendancy to fluctuate depending on how the actual unit is (if it's horiztonal or vertical and of course the fan speed) I found that when I put the unit vertical, it would reach the set temperature very quickly (200 degrees would take about 2-3 minutes or so to heat up to, which is relatively quick I rekon)


When the desired temperature was reached the unit's light switched from red to green indicating that it was good to go. I put my herb disk into the unit and attached the balloon to a tube and let her fill up (I had the fan on medium for this) I found that the balloon would fill up quite quickly (this may have something to do with the small design of the balloon also) and I was ready for my vapour within 7 minutes from the time I thought 'hmmmm, I may give this a try now'.


Taking my first hit of vapour in, was quite interesting to say the least. It hit me like one of those methol ciggies :) extremely minty and lung expanding to the max! I found after my first hit of vapour my lungs felt really 'open' which is an extreme opposite to how they'll normally feel after I have a hard bong hit. It had a very subtle taste of herb and the minty flavour from the vapour balloon really added to the overall taste :thumbsup


Well as with all things, 1 hit is not enough. So bag, after bag, after bag I used (I think I had about 5 bags worth) in about a 15 minute session. And this was all from the 1 herb disk (not even full) of 0.1 gram chopped herb.


To be honest, at the start I didn't think I was even buzzing.... but the vapour definately had a delayed creeper effect. And when it did hit me, it hit me nice :P I actually feel very 'high and giggly' as opposed to 'lazy/couch-locked/stoned'. Although I'm quite sure if I wanted to feel the latter, I could easily burn up a cone if I really desired. But I actually am 'satisfied' with the vapour buzz, I'm loving it! lungs feel awesome and I asked my mum if she could tell if I smoked and although she tried, she couldn't notice a thing! ahaha



Here is a picture of the herb disk after I pulled 5 bags worth of vapour from it:




Please keep in mind that the herb disk wasn't full and is very capable of carrying a larger load :) to give you an idea, it could probably carry about 0.5 - 1 grams worth of chopped material (rough estimate)


I emptied the disk onto a white piece of paper to see how consistant it was, and given that it was my first time trying a vape (and also trying to control the fluctuating temps) I don't think I did too badly.





Sorry for the mass amount of pictures, but as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words (not that I haven't already :lol: ahaha)



:: Conclusion ::


In closing I would like to say that my initial impressions on the unit and included kit are definately positive.


It has it's cumbersome issues (a bit fiddly, small learning curve, you POSSIBLY could burn yourself on the herb disk if you're not careful in handling it i.e letting it cool down before you touch it lol) but overall it's definately what I would consider good value for money. I paid $226 delivered (cod) and so far, I would say it's working a treat.


For those of you who cannot afford an alternative like the more expensive volcano, I would definately keep this model in mind. It has it's flaws and isn't perfect, but dollar for dollar I would say it does it's job rather well. I haven't yet tried a volcano but I feel that I'm not in a situation financially to be able to afford one. This unit gives you a nicely priced entry level option to vapourisation. So do your lungs a favour and give it a bash if you can :thumbsup



BTW I am not a salesman nor do I get money or anything like that. I am merely giving you other stoners out there an unbiased review. I know I had a pain in the ass of the time in trying to find unbiased information. So I hope this review does what I intend for it to do, to inform and to raise awareness.



This machine is NOT as shit as some people make it out to be!



I'd rate it a 7.5 / 10



If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

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I would say that 0.1 grams could get you around 1 - 2 cones :baaasmiley: it all depends on how much resin is in your cone piece I guess and also what size cone it is.


Also with vaporising *so long as you don't burn the material* you should be getting more bang for your buck because most of the material doesn't go to waste through burning. So I guess in a while this unit should eventually pay for itself :thumbsup


EDIT: I realise I kinda got side-tracked and forgot the question and didn't answer it properly :) dsyfer. The herb disk I would say is about: 1 and a 1/4 cm (high) x 1 and a 1/2 cm (wide) I don't have a ruler so I'm not exactly sure... but that's my guestimations.

Edited by Amnesiac
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C'mon billyluke, not everyone uses a Witches Hat for a cone piece...


Amnesiac, that was a great review. This is the first good thing i've heard for the "lower priced" vapes which don't get much of a look in with the more expensive Volcano. I was wondering if you've tried "cooking" your weed in the vape yet. That is to say you set it to a temperature (with the weed in) and cook any moisture and other nasties out of the weed, supposedly gives a healthier hit, but yeah have you tried that on it?


Also, you said that the Actual Temp read out fluctuated a bit, how much? like a few degrees or 10 degrees or what?


Thanks man, nice review.

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billyluke : The reason why it may seem my cone piece has a smaller capacity is probably due to resin build up on the inside of my cone piece making the capacity different to that of say, a clean cone piece.


I can't for the life of me be bothered to clean my piece, because, it's really just... too chokablock and smelly? and IMO there's nothing worse than sticky smelly resin fingers lol



Infinitee : That sounds like a very interesting idea ;) and I can't say that I've thought about it or given it a go yet. But just to clarify, did you mean heating it up inside the herb disk and then taking it out and putting the 'treated' herb into a cone to have as normal?


I would say the temperature fluctuating stayed within an average of (a bit under) 10% +/- what I set it as. So there is a small margin for burning possibilities (I have found that 195 degrees celcius seems to be the go though) other factors to consider I guess would be the room/ambient temperature also. But it's mainly to do with my fiddling of the fan settings to help minimise wastage (I'm actually filling up the balloons using the high speed setting now, and then when I take the balloon off to puff on, I'll turn it to medium so it doesn't waste as much) the actual act of switching up the fan speeds while you're using it will also alter the temperature and make it fluctuate a bit.



niall : I haven't tried filling up the herb disk completely as yet either :) this is because I've found that using even 0.1 of a gram will be able to provide me with about 5-7 vapir bags worth of vapour and gets me buzzin and giddy very nicely.... I'm not sure if I could handle a full grams worth in this thing, but it would definately be a fun experiment! :)


The 'stone' is no longer there I must say... It's more uplifting and energetic and with a lot less body buzz (really cerebral and heady) I could go on... but I really should be in bed by now.... it's almost 5am :baaasmiley:




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