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lies of the government



high most people call me rock sorry for spelling

i stand up for what i believe it if it does not harm another man

the australia government is lieing to the soverien people of australia

by saying we stillbelong to england

we become free in 1919 see handsard of the parliment (commweath of australia) what prime minster hughes said page 12167 to 12170

the king of england gave australian people their freedom (1919 to 1921)

treaty of versailles the prime minster of england gave us our freedom

why then do the polies swear to the queen of england a forien power , high court sue v hill

another thing to look up in 2 volumes oxford dictory the word person

3 types of person

1 persona actors clay mask

2 artificial person bound by with duties and responcetibalities (faimly name or bussiness)

3 natural person


how many times do we assume each day?

what is the chance of a judge assume we are the artifical person with duties and responcetitablies

natural person is a soverien off their body which has diplamate which is not bound by duties and responcitablies


taking something for pain relief is not commiting a crimegovernment lies

they ask in court if i am legal and lawful in my use of cannabis

if court swears oath to queen of england then court is not legaly or lawfulable to judge me because they work for a forein


their have been no legal or lawful polies after 1921because they swear a oath to queen of england

so if pollies not legal then cannot make laws after australia became a soverien country

so the drug laws are not binding on the soverien people of australia

we the people have been sold out by our polies with their lies and deciet

find out for youself if its true



evilis only evil whena good man does nothing. by your silent u agree to the act being done


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