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Really big beans.....



Lately I have had to get herb from other source's and have been collecting the beans if it had any and have come across one today with what I think is abnormally large seeds .... things look like little oysters :thisbig:


Just wondering would this mean ....bigger calyxes .... healthier seedlings ....bigger plant .... :twiddle:


The herb it come from is really dense with heaps of hair on it ...... has anyone come across these really big beans before ....about 2-3 times the size of normal ones???


Just wondering :bongon: Brimstond :wave:


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ive always been of the opinion that X-large seeds would throw plant with big calyxes ..

and calyxes are where the Trichomes are , so bigger calyxes= more area of resin encrusted plant matter ...

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Sounds like some mean MEGA seeds....you should try planting them. If you can post a picture of the seed rare find mate good on ya.

Dido at what Frazz said BTW with all the BIG words ending it with *more area of resin encrusted plant matter* is making me drool buhahahaha!!!

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how strange you say they a mate gave me 3 seeds of the same looking seed not long ago they where fuckin enormous seriously big i planted them and they are out bush now little monsters at the moment in comparison to other seeds they i have planted at the same time very interesting that i not the only one who has experienced this i too very excited to see what comes of them fingers crossed a big healthy motherfuckin boy to cross with !!!!
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Traced it back to the person that grew it ...they said it was seeds from a Northern lights pollinated from a Northern lights male


Any one else grown that ??


Got about 50 seeds from 2oz's might be worth holding onto





edited .... mixed up the strain name with ak-47

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who knows,i was given seeds,and a couple looked really small like half sized,i did'nt think they would work but ye ha they did,and i ended up with this little indica plant with so much crystal it falls of like sand,i had read about that happening but never belived it,till i seen it for myself,good hash maker it is,only prob is the plants are to small,so i got to have heaps of em.
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I don't think seed size has any correlation to callyx size or plant size I personally have grown huge plants from tiny seeds and small-ish plants from large seeds, but define the size ie. 10mm, 5mm, 2mm?? your version of huge could be someone else's normal size. So basically I don't think there is such a thing as "normal" its all relative to what you are used too..
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normal And large

Heres a pic of the beans ........the smaller ones are what I consider normal size
I havent messured them yet .....any way see there bigger haha

Bigger seeds could mean a different canna family eg sativas , indica and so on
could also mean bigger tap roots and bigger "milk" leaves making the seedling grow faster at the begining of its life ....dunno

Odds are it just means its a different variety .........the smaller ones is a cross between White rhino and a pink indica/sativa cross while the bigger ones are NL......which are pretty much just indica ...


Cheers Brimstond
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thai landraces have huge seeds ....... Most of the blueberry seeds ive germinated have been HUGE.... compared to most seeds ive germinated ..... not sure if that helps .... peace n pot,

Funny you should say that, ive always looked for the biggest beans to plant from my collection of bagseed, and i got three thai phenos...  tn_gallery_44477_913_1352282.jpg

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