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Getting the timing right .....



Well this time around I have decided to do a seed run :thumbsup: instead of a herb crop so I can grow my own seeds this outdoor season ....but I was wondering if I could do it in time for the start of the season ...


All I have to get done is

1. grow male out to collect pollen

2. grow last years seeds from our pollenated goodies

3. clone from the seeds

4. grow clones up , pollenate them and finish them out


I am hoping to do this all before november ....haha... still have to find a suitable male to use


Going to try do it as small as possible as I dont need big trees to get some seeds .. so that will cutt down on some time

Got a few little rooms to use so I can have simultaneous grows going at the same time ... more time cutt down ... but I still cant do some things untill other things have finished ...oh well , gotta be patient :doh:


I can do 1 and 2 at the same time , and I can do 3 half way through finishing 1 .....but I cant do 4 untill I finsh 1


So I figured it will be done in 2 crop times ....like 4-5 months at the earliest ....hmmm gotta keep on it if I wanna grow my own seeds this year comming


Maybe I shoulda started earlier...... :doh:


Lucky I like all this stuff ....... tonnes of funns , yeah! :yahoo:


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