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Been thinking..........



Recently I wipped up a small grow box , instead of putting all my gear up for one plant, and chucked a seedling in it ......

It's got reflective walls , a 125w cfl and a hole in the top to vent out some heat/air....but no fans... :thumbdown:


I looked around at my fans and all were way to large to put into this small box ...........so I started looking at my other "junk" and found a small 3cmx3cm battery operated fan ,used to cool the electric motor in a remote control car , then installed it into my little grow box


But as it was battery operated the battery pack kept going flat on me and would go undetected untill I would go and have a look then would have to wait untill I charged the batteries and put them back in ....which was crap.....


Then I found an old solar powered garden light and started thinking .... :idea: ..why cant I run this small battery powered fan on solar using my lamp as the sun


This sounded good to me :thumbsup: ....as long as solar panel didnt take up to much room ... the setup for the fan was cheap (small solar panel , solar controll unit , batteries and fan) ...the small fan could withstand running 24hrs a day (most arn't made to run 24/7) ...the light comming from the lamp was powerful enough to charge the batteries .... and light loss from the solar panel blocking the reflective material was minimal...


So guess what I am going to try soon ..... :D


Dont know though ..... may cost to much to setup and I am way to cheap to spend money on something that may not work .....haha :haha:


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I looked one ebay and found a small educational solar kit for 30 old dollars and also found another kit for 4 dollars ...... just got to wait for it all to be delivered before I see how this all comes together
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yeah got a few small ones 120mm I think ..but I wanted something smaller and also to see if I can reduce the amout of plugs that I have to plug in..


Still waiting for my packages... come on posties ..haha

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try using a old mobile phone charger, to power your fans, it worked for me..just check the voltage out put and make sure its matched to your fan..enjoy your grow, i know i am..
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