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Nice butter...........



Made some canna - butter today using the method dani posted ................... took for ever .......I didnt realize how long it takes , well it felt like for ages with a hang over :thumbdown: ..........its got me stuffed how they can sell grog and deamonize the herb .....f-ing hate hangovers :thumbdown:


Anyway it looks the part ...smells the part ...and tastes the part ........hopfully it does the trick , cant see why it wouldnt

I am going to make some soft caramels ....mmmmmm :thumbsup: hopfully tonight if I can muster up the energy :sleepyhead:


I like gib lollies ...they seem to go extremely well with the herb flavour and you use large portions of butter for them ...the soft caramel recipe I got use's 200g of butter ............ shit yeah ........gonna get me feeling good for a while :applause:


Might take some photo's and post up a pretty recipe in the green eggs and ham section ............see how we go :unknw:


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Couldnt realy take photo's while I was making the lollies ........not many steps anyway ... :P

The candy mix is hot as and you have to stir it constantly , didnt think that taking photo's during this was a good idea


Can take a photo of finished product and put it when I post the recipe but


I have had a few bits now and am off chops.....good butter definatly makes a difference :thumbsup:


Thanks for the recipe again ...I will be using this method every time I make the butter :D

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Hello! we have a forum in Russia are doing too much good food with marijuana. cakes, pies, cookies. obtained very funny stories. Tell us about the result of who was doing well. It would be interesting to know))))
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