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The struggle to be a man..............



The other week a friend came over with some top quality hydro that he scored from an unkown source

Anyway in the bag was 1 seed out of the whole oz :thumbsup: ...and for a giggle I planted it in a pot ^_^


The seed has sprouted and nearly on its 2nd set of true leaves ..........I didnt want to set up my stuff for only the one plant so I wipped up a small box with a 125w cfl and chucked it in .......now what to do with it when it gets bigger? :scratchin:


The herb that my friend brought around looked like an indica. It had a fruity flavour , great stone (had to stop smoking to do thing around the house) and massive calyx's .............so I thought ...... :idea: why not do a seed crop and try and get some nice seeds (not stable ones but good smoke)


The strains I wanna cross this with have all been pollenated from a white rhino I stressed to go hermie and so far havent thrown a male or a hermie so to refresh the strains and to get some solid seed ( that will be both male and female ) I will pollenate these girls with a pure male .....which is what I am hoping this little seedling is ....... :please:


Just got to wait to sex this little one to see if my plan can have the go ahead ....otherwise I will have to use seed from a friends crop which is good herb ....but not as good as this stuff we had the other week....oh well time will tell............ :twiddle:


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might save some time with all this back crossing ....your a genious :thumbsup: ... I have never used that chemical so will have to research it .....


The plant has shown some little preflowers and they are male .... but I can allways try and save time using coloidal silver


see how I go and cheers for the input

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