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Been some time ......



Well I got my long awaited 4.5v solar power educational kit .....put it together ....then wacked it in my little room under the 125w CFL 6400k and low and behold .......nothing bloody happened :thumbdown:


Of course I put it together and put it in before reading the manual , haha :doh:

So I began reading the manual and discovered that the panel loves green light spectrum but likes blue next ..... nice ..... might be able to run off a more powerful light dunno


I have other lights 600w 400w HPS and a 250w CFL 2700k to try out before I total condem this idea


I tried it outside so I know it works ....but when the clouds come over the fan stopped ^_^


It all sorta got me thinking about how much better the sun grows herb compared with the HID light ....at least there arnt any clouds in my room :thumbsup:


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Tried under my 250w 2700k CFL .....its works from about 3-4 inches from the lamp ... :thumbsup:

It blocks a little bit of light but not a great deal ... I imagine that it would work better under the HID lamps


I tried it underneath a 150w Flood light ...I think its halogen ....and the solar fan worked like 40-50cm away


Might be worth trying the 250w HPS and comparing the two :P


See how we go.....

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all stopped at the 250w CFL at the moment ......the solar fan ran well for the first day but then decided that it was going to be piss poor after that :thumbdown: ....might have to look at better fans ...ones that are made to run continuously , like the good old comp fans ....dunno

see how I go.... :bongon:

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Had to google stirling engine to find out what it was ....the heat build up would be massive and I think it would be a fire hazard in my small cupboard setup

But with enough space to make it safe and good ventilation would be good to use for powering oscillating fans as it would add CO2 to the room as well ......would have to make it safe asss ...... would hate to burn the house down


Just tested the same solar / fan setup under the 250w HPS and it worked about 60 cm away just need to get a smaller fan rated for continual use .... under the HID lighting I think solar powered fans are an option




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